I Just STEEMED past 200 followers. THANK YOU everybody party time..........................................................................

in steemit •  last year

I would just like to say a heart felt thank you to STEEMIT for providing us all with this social media platform.
We are all part of something special.
Freedom of speech is so very important in a time all our freedoms are under attack.

Not only can we express ourselves with this powerful platform we can show the entire world that people from different backgrounds , countries and cultures can show each other the respect we all deserve.
Im extremely proud to say that all my time on STEEMIT has been a pleasure and I have never met anybody here I would not like to come across again.

Thank you so much to my followers and the entire STEEMIT community.

YOU ARE ALL SPECIAL.party pic.png

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Congratulations! I followed you.


Thanks Michael ,appeciated


You're welcome.

Way to go Marky! Congrats!


Thank you im chuffed


In case no one knows what chuffed means its very happy.
Hopefully it doesnt mean something different overseas lol.
I know a dingleberry is a lollie in some countrys and something else in the US . Haha got cought with that before.☺


Football and soccor is different.
Hood and bonnet.
Cantelope and rockmellon.
Bell peppers and capsicam.
Ect ect