Why NOW is the best time to find new content creators?

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- Lets begin

I had some thoughts in work so I choose to write it.
Everybody on STEEMIT follows few or more than that, group of people who are providing interesting content for you. For example if you like cooking, photography, health, ecology or like me gaming, you are able to find creators related to this topics. You can find even community groups attached to this topics like form gaming - @opaming group, to be honest I personally recommend it.

Still lets say that you are looking for cooking creators and now you following few of them.
That can be fine but mostly you will be looking for more people who have passion about cooking and wanna share it for you by creating videos, recipes, articles related to this topic.

- Small honesty

And I don’t wanna attack somebody, that’s my opinion, but now is the best time to find more interesting content creators.
Look at this who you follow, how many of them are showing in you feed section?
Of course some of people disappeared for specific reasons like lines, or vacation with family, they was unsuccessful here etc. But don’t be fool, mostly they disappeared because they don’t believe in STEEM system.
As content creators they created only because they wanted money, no passion, no hobby, just money and when STEEM price is so low now, more of people runoff STEEM because they don’t want to share their passion with you, they wanna only from you big upvotes. They become slaves attached to numbers – followers, upvotes, money – more numbers the better.

- What to do?

So now is the best time to find interesting content creators or even if you know them and you don’t follow them because of some reasons, now is time to see if they showing some passion and still are providing content, sharing hobby even if STEEM price is low like this days.
Imagine that by this situation now: Lets say STEEM goes to 2$ per STEEM, now many people who had break before, are coming again to earn some cash again. After some period of time STEEM price is 0,2$ - What do you think will gonna happen? Many of peoples who come back, after seeing this low price will gonna runoff from Steemit system, making even worse problems.
They will have bigger accounts with useless SP.
They don’t produce quality or less quality content, but mostly they don’t upvote other people, taking from them chance to have bigger rewards for their work.

- Example

Few days ago I was looking on videos at @dlive and I found for somebody who was cooking and showing his recipe for seafood dinner. That was somehow interesting and I informed my girlfriend about content creator who can be interesting for her, she likes cooking.
But then I checked his account and unfortunately this person hasn’t upload any video or don’t post in past three months so automatically I refuse to follow him.

- Small offtopic

Also besides of everything, I stopped posting videos on @dtube and I choose @dlive instead, because I know that @dtube gives bigger upvotes, but after 1 month mostly your videos will disappear, and I wanna build community, not only earn cash. Also that’s why I found this cooking guy, because he had his videos from past still available and with interesting recipes, that somebody can use after even 1 year or more.
Let’s say I will do review for game, and after few months somebody will be interest in buying it, and thanks to me he can choose to do it or now. But if he or she can’t find what she is looking for, she will go to YT.

- Coming to the end

We all agree that we want more people here, so we need to provide content for them and reward creators by making STEEMIT more powerful.
Getting back to topic.
Don’t get me wrong, everybody here want to earn something. But as I wrote before, mostly people are here for money – only. And now they are away from system, so they don’t supporting it and we all suffer from that, more or less. Now you can easily find more peoples who have some passion in themselves, and even if STEEM price will be at 0,2$ they will still create content. Because they wanna build something here.

I wanna provide gaming content and build from followers community around me, where together I will be able to produce even better things for you.
And money? Of course I will be happy to earn some cash, you don’t? But I’m believing in STEEM system, and I know that, in future this system will reward me for being loyal to it.


What do you think? Do you have other perspective on this topic? Write it in comments! Don’t hesitate :D

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I've enjoyed finding new content also, steem will bounce back... It's a great community and the block chain is amazing!


Steemit will gonna bounce back for 100% sure! :D

You know, I haven't thought of it that way, I was kinda fool in this regard.

But don’t be fool, mostly they disappeared because they don’t believe in STEEM system.

I always remind myself that if I'm going somewhere I'll delegate the majority of my SP to some cause or a community to not be like this, thanks for the reminder:

They will have bigger accounts with useless SP.

I'll keep believing in STEEM until it proves otherwise. (at least there are people coming back when the price goes up. Right?)

I wish to find time to find some gamers interested in my shop but wouldn't know about it because they're focused on great content (like me but I don't have their greatness.) So maybe I'll refrain from posting for a while and look for those people.

Thanks for the post!

Also besides of everything, I stopped posting videos on @dtube and I choose @dlive instead, because I know that @dtube gives bigger upvotes, but after 1 month mostly your videos will disappear, and I wanna build community, not only earn cash.

That's the spirit!!

For reminding me of what matters!
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Thanks for comment. I hope more people will have interest in buying games from you. Like nobody else you have idea for your content and I wish you best :D


Thanks your wish really makes me happy.

I think that we should look on the feed, and choose creators, which are really interesting for us. Not all cooking canals, not all gamings, but that one or two, which are the best. And following them. That;s the best option, in my opinion


That's some point of view but in other hands you closing yourself in front of new interesting creators


I think finding more good creators is better than putting all the support in one or two great creators, if they disappeared (maybe taking a break?) you'll start searching for another two again. But hey, that's just me...

I think you're absolutely right. But I guess that systems like this one in which we're all thriving in, call to a lot of people who just want easy money. And the thing about Steemit is that yes, you could get rewarded without much effort if you're lucky, but the thing that motivates us all true content creators in here is about getting to know each other, getting our brand exposed alongside many others and just building something from scratch.

I created my Steemit account thinking I could get a couple of dollars out of this site and that would be it. But i've found so many people and so many tools to just grow in here that now I don't want to leave or do anything else! I always wanted to do gameplay videos and just overall work in something related to playing games, but I never knew I'd start from a written blog and then expand onto that field of content. It's a challenge I've imposed onto myself, If I can't do that right now? I'll make it happen with my own effort , sweat and blood!


I hope we together also with OPG gonna be big players here :D And then thanks to our hard work we will be rewarded for that :D
We should give a chance to other peoples but not everybody :D


A lot of trash comes and goes but we really gotta keep the good players who know the rules and how to play by them while also making great content!


systems like this one in which we're all thriving in, call to a lot of people who just want easy money.

Yeah, but a system like this where the community. (Not one person) who decides what's right is the reason I'm still here, as much as I don't like uncensoring bad things, I don't want good things censored unfairly.

For me, no censorship is better than censorship for 10 bad things and 1 good thing... That one is treated unfairly I can't stand it.


But a perfect system is in no way reachable o:


That's why we are trying to reach the closest version to it.

Very good.
Nice work brother.
It is very helpful for me...


With commenting like that, here at steemit you will gonna get nothing. Steemit is not YT, you don't understand this platform yet. Hope for your best :D

Still waiting to withdraw from steem. How can I make withdrawal?


I think you can find Discord for Nigeria community, there should now how you can exchange your steam to your currency. Right now I only know that you can change steem to bitcoin and then sell bitcoin. But I never did that and I don't wanna give you financial advice.


Thanks so much Man

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