New Horizons - My Steemit Speculations for the future

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Wow, am I on a roll or what guys? Been getting the blog operational, and lately, I've been finding so many things to blog about. Feels like a rush of optimism. A bright future? Invigoration?

Seems about right. Things have been starting to turn around.

Well, this is actually a good time to turn on to the topic of Steemit.

Now, I know I've been really going on about Steemit and branding lately. I apologize if my content feels redundant, but I really wanted to focus on sharing some of my thoughts on the future of Steemit. I'd also would love to hear back from you guys as this is something I really want to discuss!

Price of Steem

I won't pretend to be knowledgeable about pricing and exchanges. I will comment on it since the value of Steem does actually affect day to day users.

For around 3 months, the value of Steem has been slowly going down. On the off hand, the value of other cryptocurrency has been going up. With that being said, I really feel like a major rise in value is on the horizon.

This is similar to the behavior bitcoin displayed in just the last year. 500.00 USD Bitcoins. I had a few of them back then. U_U, now bitcoin is at 7,000 USD as of writing this. Steem is definitely going to rise in value, by a ton. There's no debating that. But when. What chain of reactions and situations will trigger this inevitable spike?

Brace yourself Steemians, we are on our way to something huge. The real question is how much fuel will everyone have when it's launch time. Right now, fuel is on sale.

Rebranding of Steemit

Now, I have talked all about the rebranding. What I thought about it as a graphics designer. But what I didn't really talk much about is what it could mean in the soon to come future.

In the official post announcing the new logo, there was information explaining that the new steemit logo is actually trademarked.

Now, this is very interesting.

Why now? Why change the logo in the first place right? It was working out wasn't it?

Well, let's take a closer look at what was given to us earlier. Trademarking of this new logo.

Trademarking in the US

Trademarking is actually a fairly involved process, requires applications and working with an agent, at least here in the states. Also, there are costs. Attorney fees, initial costs, and a renewal. Now, this is actually important.

Trademarking is typically done towards the end of development on projects. With the annual renewal for trademarks, I have reason to believe that this is an indication that we are looking the beta ending very soon. Definitely within 2 years. if not sooner.

I also speculate that when out of beta, Steemit will be looking at running some large scale advertisement campaigns. Typically that is how the process of a website goes.

This is actually a lot of reason to be excited about. Having a massive influx of new users will be very interesting to see when we eventually transition out of beta and Steemit is out for mass consumption.

What does the future hold for your average steemian?

With more users, I do suspect that there will be potentially more investors coming into the platform.

More investors is an excellent thing, bringing more steem into the fold will result in a higher reward pool, and thusly, higher rewards.

But another thing that may happen is that Steemit will be a bit more competitive, as even more content washes into the platform, there will be a higher difficulty in getting your content discovered.

At least, this is how things should go in theory. Regardless, Steemit is here to stay, and more importantly, what Steemit stands for. Community, Innovation, sharing. These core values will be kept intact as Steemit travels the passage of time.

I have high hopes and generally am optimistic for what Steemit holds for us all.

I'm looking forward to Steemit development team fixing some of the issues we have with Steemit in the current time being. I submitted a post and for some reason, it duplicated. So now I have to identical posts with 2 different conversations going on.

100% Sure this will be fixed very soon however. In the meantime, time to stock up on rocket fuel. :)

What do you think? What are some things you think are going to happen in the future?

I am especially interested in what others have to think based on the current situation.

Also, if you guys are interested I am running a special limited time promotion on steemit identity logos. Click link to check it out.

Thanks for reading!

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Wow, I remember you're introduce yourself post! I've followed you ever since. I am also curious about when the value will raise although I'm sure it will.

Reasons for falling price:

  1. Problems with DDoS
  2. Inflated expectations after the first spike.
  3. Steemit became grim and unwelcome place for a newbie without chunk of SP.

What's DDos?

Good thumnial mate, fresh and minimalistic.

Have a good day :)

Like all of Steemit right now. I'm loving it man. My design style is going to really flourish here. Thanks for the support, and you have a great day too!

I was under the impression that when hot money flows into BTC most or at least many alt coins such as Steem goes down. I find it interesting that SBD and STEEM have inverted in price. In any case, the rally in BTC may continue longer and Steem may suffer. But I am optimistic as you positively point out. There is active development on steemit and that’s always a good thing.. plus it’s still in beta, so it should be very interesting to see what the final price will be when it moves
to - finished product.

Good post!

I've seen a lot of altcoins and dealt with them over time. One thing is pretty certain at least, in my opinion. We may never see a time where Steem sticks to a price. Although, it's very possible to see steemit stick around a value for a while. I really have no doubt that there will be a climb in value. And when the pricing for Steem goes up, so does the reward pool. The higher the reward pool, the more lucrative it becomes to post. I believe it's at these times of high reward value, that we see an increase in innovative posts. You may be correct however, I'm not good at market seering! Market seering?! Haha, is that even a term!?

Either way, thanks for reading, I greatly appreciate it!

I am yet to transfer any of my Steem dollers into a Wallet. So by your post i'm guessing i'm best to hang on! Thanks for the info =D

"More investors is an excellent thing, bringing more steem into the fold will result in a higher reward pool, and thusly, higher rewards."

This isn't correct. The reward pool is a set amount. The more active users there are, the smaller the share of the rewards pool everyone else gets.

Very encouraging! I've been sad seeing steem lose value lately, but I hope your predictions ring true. Check out my silly little post if you have time