SSI Update: A bloggers' hub, changing our direction and slowing down SSI posts for a few weeks

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For those of you who consecutively follow my posts, you’ll know that I run a project called the Steemit Success Initiative, which is a project that aims to help Steemit grow and develop as a platform, by helping its users learn more about Steemit, how it works, and how to do well on the platform.
This project has been exciting to run so far, and I have received a lot of positive feedback from a lot of beginners, as well as some excellent support from many people, especially those who have been upvoting, commenting and resteeming my posts. I also have to give a special thank you to those who delegated their Steem Power to the project, who I will list out below. Without your support, running the project would be impossible!

NameDelegation (SP)

Slowing Things Down a Bit

As you may have noticed, I have been slowing my posts down a bit lately: not by choice, I have just been absolutely hectic between other work-related projects that I have been doing. I have been thinking about the Steemit Success Initiative a lot, what I want from it, and what I want it to be for other people - I have been trying to figure out how to best incorporate the ethos of the SSI into a physical entity, and it has been difficult. The more I think about it, the more that I want it to be a physical place for people to come and learn all about Steemit, and cryptocurrencies/financial sovereignty in general. Because of this, I have decided to slow things down a bit on Steemit with regards to the Steemit Success Initiative, and instead focus on actually making progress on what I want to do, as opposed to posting about it.

What Does this Mean?

Essentially, my end goal is to create a “Bloggers hub” in Dublin. I want to make a place where beginners and experienced bloggers can meet up, share ideas, work on posts together and learn. The idea is that there will be two or three experienced Steemians in the hub at set times and beginners will come in for a specified length of time to learn all about blogging on Steemit. Then, there will be a writers hub, where people can go to share ideas, write posts together, and help each other grow in general on Steemit.

Things are very much in the idea phase at the moment, but in essence, I will spend the coming months looking for people to partner with for the project, building up a course curriculum for beginners, working out the financials of it and more. Things may seem quiet on my page regarding the project, but I will still be writing an SSI post every week or so in order to update you all with what I am doing. Apart from that, I have decided to start writing about ICOs on my blog. Considering I work full time in this space, I decided that it makes sense to write about them; I will likely just give an overview of a few ICOs per week, to show people how many there are out there, and start educating you on the different ways the blockchain can be used in different industries!

How Will it Work?

To be completely upfront, funding the SSI’s project will be expensive. I will be working with others on the project (at least I hope others will get involved!), but the idea is that in order to fund the project, I will get delegated SP from others. In a few weeks, I will be doing a full post outlining the project, how much money we will need, who else is involved, and how much SP we are looking for. In the meantime, I am aiming to get 5,000 more SP delegated in order to support the project, and once we hit 15,000 SP in delegations, I will create an account (the account name is TBC) where I will send 75% of the money made from my personal posts, to start saving for the SSI Bloggers hub. I will be keeping 20% in order to support myself, and I will give away 5% in a competition every 2 weeks. These numbers are subject to change, but that’s what I’m thinking at the moment.

Thanks for Reading

Thank you for reading this quick update, and I really hope that you are all as excited as I am about this. Like I said, I will do a full post about this in a few weeks, when I have everything more well thought out, but I felt that it was important to let you know what I plan to do on Steemit. I will still be upvoting undervalued content, and posting some helpful posts for beginners, but will mainly focus on ICOs for the next few weeks, while I organise everything else regarding the SSI. Oh and one more thing – the project will be rebranding with a new, updated logo, new colour scheme and more in the coming weeks!
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Wow great project! I am overwhelmed at the innovative energy this ecosystem brings about. Good luck with the physical place, I think that would be very special.


Thank you very much @knircky, your support is very much appreciated. Once I get the support to open a physical space, I will be using some of the value of my posts to pay for it. Hopefully it goes well!

Thanks for the update. If you have to see to your day job, no worries. Steemit is still new, and like a lot of new tech it din't established enough to support much full-time labor. Lots of the big Website of the 1990s started off as hobbies.

As for your Hub idea, sounds good. Since Steemit is a social network, real-world socializing dovetails with it.

Don't be disheartened: it's still the early days.


No worries! My job is actually full time in the blockchain sector, so it ties in nicely. That's it exactly, I'm going to keep trying to put out as much content as I can, and build the incubator as I go.

Thank you, I'll post updates about that too as I go. And thank you for all of the support, you're right, it is still early days!

Fantastic initiative and bold next step! We just did that same thing in our small town and are in the process of building it into not just a STEEM gathering place, but inspired by the #cryptopub, a place to learn and share and talk and build a community around Crypto in general.

Our first step now that we have our location, is to hold a STEEMit gathering which we are doing this week. Throw up a few online adds, a few posters around town on bulletin boards, and modestly start to build the community and enhance the town we live in.

Of course I read your posts every day and support you. Let's continue to share ideas as we are doing the same thing across the pond.


nice post


Thank you @zekepickleman, hopefully it goes well, but it will take a lot of time and effort! That sounds really cool, what town is that, do you mind me asking? I'd love to visit it!

That sounds great, let me know if there is any way that I can help with this. Thank you for the support, I have not had much time to read many posts lately but will make sure to check yours out in more detail from now on.

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Very informative. Great job :thumbs:
Thanks @ lukebrn

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Helping others and creating a new business both require one key basis. Security! It is good to step back a moment to assure that you got enough backup to finance everything. Only this way you have a clear head for your main goal. Let me know if I can assist.

I have only been posting on Steemit for about two weeks. I certainly appreciate your SSI project and your willingness to help beginners become successful. I certainly understand your need to slow down a bit. Thank you for all that you have been doing and for the positive things you intend to do once your project has been properly funded.

thanks for sharing! i will start following your exciting posts! Checkout my posts as well