LOL yeah it's so gd cheap. We are still rank 40 on the market cap... we were hovering around #27 and #32 for an entire year. Look at Steem on coinmarketcap and zoom out. It still looks like we are flat-lining.

Yeees I know.. but Im a damn poor student :/
On my budget it's a big difference if I buy in at 0.4 or at 0.2

And I think btc didnt hit bottom yet.. Also I dont wanna get caught in any FOMO..

I would make an argument that it makes zero difference, except for the number of coins you receive. It will still cost just as much USD as you put in.

As we were crashing from $8 a lot of people (including myself) thought that 70 or 80 cents would be the absolute minimum baseline. @ned thought this as well, which is why he had to fire 70% of the damn company.

We'll be back up into that range in no time, and you'll realize that 40 cents was still a steal deal. Crypto needs to be looked at on year to year basis, not day to day.

But I want more coins..
Sorry, Im young.

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Its still cheap yo

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