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Regards steemians, tronians, cryptonians from the Crypto Planet.

So, to assume that everything from the Past suddenly it's better than the Future opportunities, brings me the idea, that you must not complain at all for all the issues from your Past.

Everytime there will be people that will blame the Past, their Past, and when the Future will become their Past too, and a New Future will arrise, they will blame that new one as well, without not even trying to accept and embrace it.

When some skeptics are trying to say that an investment has an intrinsec value not a speculative one, like the one in cryptos, is just based on the fact that they blame an old system that by the time when appeared ( like the new blockchain and decentralized system appeared now) was treated the same they are treating now this very new one?

Does the humanity not see the hilarious situation on the way they try to prove themselves something on which in the end they will believe maybe more than the last system?

When we look in the Past, we can see that, during the historical time, in every era, there were issues with the monetary system when it was changed from a coin, or a composite of coin to another.

To assume that the investments in gold/silver/tulipes/properties and so on were also not good it's also crazy ... not to forget the major fact that the old gold or silver or tulipes when they've started to be perceived by the people as something on which they could invest and get profits, they all have been in the same phase like the bitcoin or anny other monetary system now ... T

Those who were used to do the payments everyday, for their living, with ceramic money, got a shock when they need to switch them for bronze or silver and after that on gold ... and starting with the wooden coins or just ceramic, the value that was switched from that point, maybe shocked the most, because, instead of using 3 ceramic coins for a bread, you switched them into 5 of bronze ... or sometimes instead of 5 coins of silver, in only 3 of gold ;-) ... let's not forget the maret shock like with the old german mark, switched to euros ... but then it was another shock ... instead of spending 1 mark for a bread let's say, you've supposed to spend with euros only 0.50 euro cents ... but actually the price value remained the same ... and that was a shock for every german, which in the Past with 50 marks, had his basket filled with more than he need it.

The major shock was also, when acually the salary from 5000 marks became 2500.

So ... some people are having always the foxes mentality regarding the new currents, trends and investments that always arrised in Time. Like the new format of the new blockchain, monetary system.

People blame everything they cannot embrace and most importantly, understand.

Everything is bitter, not good, as far as the people cannot achieve it at the right moment or they still have concepts regarding their doctrines from their Past, and even if something new appears, like in the actual phase, is the new blockchain, the new form of payments, they will still blame the new system always ...

This dual world it seems, like, always need it to have that "somebody" to blame on it. Men are blaming on the women, that she bit out from that apple and the women is blaming the snake, who in their opinions it was Sheitan himself, so, another male, and the circle of blaming will continue :-)


Hope you've enjoyed these ideas,


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Much appreciated.


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