Be Strategic With Your Upvote / Don't Upvote An Author / Upvote Good Quality Contents

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My point of view:
When we upvote a post, we are doing two things:

  • We are telling Steemit,
    "This is quality content, you should show it to more people."

  • We are telling the author,
    "Well done. This is quality content. This is what Steemit should be."

Those are the two ways that upvoting improves
Steemit and bring real social benefits for Steemit Community.

Be Strategic With Your Upvote..

"I Don't Upvote An Author / I Upvote Good Quality Contents"
I do not have your talent and
I am sure that you will keep producing good quality contents and
your post will be upvoted.
Steem on..

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Well if you start as a minnow you'll just upvote lots of posts. Later in you realise the things you mentioned above. Good post. Thanks.

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Thank you for this observation. You are right and I can only hope people will upvote the way you describe. I upvoted your post because I think you wrote something important.

What about only upvoting contents which has 100% SP pay-out? Basics of macro-economy is that money doesn't flow too much out of the system...

good thought.. most giants self votes or their buddies.. it's good initiative to encourage voting for quality

Indeed @lordoftruth, you're absolutely right. But it sad to say, ive seen a photo of tomatoes that earn hundred dollars while the quality content I've got .02 dollar for the whole 7 days.

well i give up vote to everyone almost

every post that we post is certainly qualified for us writers, but still do not get upvote.

What is your view on people who do not read post ,but upvote...????
This is the scenario,you open a post to read it but find more voted than the number of views!!!

This particular post at the time of this comment has 65 votes,but only 23 views!
Can someone explain how that happens?

That is very true. We have to be very careful when we give an upvote

I'll up-vote this because.. 1. I concur; I think that's how it should work and would like to reinforce the concept. When I post, I'll rely on votes or lack of.. to help me know what people value- So I improve rather than wander aimlessly (almost).

I always try to read the full article and according to it give my upvotes and comments there. Generally I give 10% upvote but for the very good article I give upto 50% upvote.

Great post.
Remember some votes are actually placed on auto-pilot.
Meanwhile, you could check out my latest post and upvote it
Trust me, it is a quality content packed with rich info

great advise i will defiantly be using this in the future

I like post you dear friend @lordorftruth and follow you resteem post you.

It's been a little over a month for me. I tend to do a lot of upvoting. Maybe we all have that tendency as we come from other sites where we automatically "like" all our friends posts.

Takes a while to get out of the habit!

Great tips!

That's what I am talking about too. If you want to improve the community, we have to support better and quality contents. Upvoted!

Thanks for sharing these little tips. Helpful for a newbie like me. :)

Thanks @lordoftruht , your advice is appreciated and its great to see you passing on your wisdom. I certainly see that will be steemits power, quality and spreading knowledge for the betterment of all. I am building a community of people who don't have the technical skills, but have a Lot of amazing knowledge, and its great to see I'm in the right place when i see what your post.. many thanks..

wow i didnt know this till now thanks for sharing