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RE: I Am Telling You For A Fact, "There Will Never Be Another 'Steemit'". Any Doubts? Read This Post!

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You touched my heart with the way you speak and write. I can see the emotions flowing from every piece of letter that you drop. This is not just mere talk, you got the gift to inspire nations after nations. I have heard people talk about you, the mention of your name over here is synonymous with love, kindness, attention. Thank you for the show me love, you are hope to many.


Very special comment. You spot the very spottables. Thank you. Glory to Jehovah who gives these gifts

sir @surpassinggoogle, i really wanted to ask this, how did you know Jehovah? im one of Jehovah's witnesses, and what i know is only those people called by that name knows and glorified the name of the true god.

anyway, we really envy with the cebuanos who got a chance to met you & mentored by you, we're joping that someday you can also visit leyte and share the same with us. thank you for this post.

Haaha yes i know Jehovah very well and all my eventual mission here is to direct people towards him by doing real good

thank you for doing that, hoping that people may know not only the name of our creator, as well as all his promises to all those who serve him faithfully