Upload your own cover photo on Steemit

in steemit •  last year

Good morning all, just found out this morning we can now have our own cover photo on Steemit. I have uploaded my favourite photo already.
早安!今天剛發現我們現在可以用心儀的照片做 cover photo代替原本的藍色。我已把我其中一張最愛照片上載了。

To do this, just go to your settings page and enter the URL for your image. Easy!
你只要到 settings就會看到可放 URL的位置。很簡單。

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不好意思 他是坐在上面...


沒辦法,人矮要趴高一點才看到 ...


哈哈!!! 真的好剛好!!

I had no idea! Thank you for the update and info on how to do this!