Results of My Experiment Investing Money into Steemit

in steemit •  2 years ago

My conclusion is that it's not worth it unless you have like $100,000 or more to invest. I wanted more steem power so I put in two bitcoins. It only increased the value of my votes a negligible amount. You're better off just making posts, commenting and curating if you want to increase your steem power. Now the value in my wallet has gone down almost $1,000. I still have positive gains so I shouldn't be too upset, but it's not because of the money I put in. I don't think it will enhance your experience at all to put any money into this if you're not rich. The only positive is that if you want to hide your money from your self, it'll be locked away for two years so you can't spend it. And then there is the possibility that it could increase in value, possibly. But then again, you could lose everything.

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interesting idea
I agree with your idea @lindee-hamner

I agree, I put it 10$ then 100$ and then went to 200$ and decided it wasnt worth putting more...
Now I make comments, And Post 4 times a day recruiting people to our MinnowsUnite Group on Steemers Strong!)


You were smart to only try putting in a little. I put in way too much.

excellent, you will become a millionaire

I tend to believe it will. Open source should open it up a bit into various forms built on blockchain, and as you said. Not worthwhile to try and cash out at the moment (possible plan? Lol) so it just continues to build voting power while new people come along. It's an optimistic approach for me..... Maybe. :)

Thanks for sharing! & perhaps future updates and insights would also be appreciated. I am on the lookout on amounts of BTC value & feedback from users invested in STEEM. I am undecided to place some amounts yet due to 2 yrs lock-in period.


We'll see how this goes.

Good post . but, in any case , this is a subjective experience. Everyone is free to decide for himself what is good for him and how he is going to succeed .

nice tip for a newbie who want to invest like me.

For every 1 steem being created that goes to posting, curating and mining rewards, 9 are being created and put into the vesting pool that is behind Steem Power. If you start powering down now, you will end up getting a lot more steem back than what you started with. Your hope is that you can get a return on your investment before the market value of Steem plummets down too much.