2017: The Year Cryptocurrency Paid for my Family's Christmas

in #steemit4 years ago

Many will say that cryptocurrencies aren't real. Many will say that we are living through another 'tulip craze'. Well, they might be right and they might be wrong.

Take Cryptocurrency Profits When You Can

Now, I'm not mortgaging my home in order to buy as much bitcoin as possible, but my efforts dabbling in the Steemit community and dabbling amongst other blockchains has singlehandedly paid for my family's Christmas this year.

I'm an active-duty service member and live frugally, am debt-free, and have too many side-hustles to count.

But Christmas is an unfortunate stress, (almost) no matter how your family has fared this year.

Take Cryptocurrency Profits When You Can

Even though the increases and gains seem to have no end in sight, I'd recommend taking some of your profit off the table.

You never know when the crypto market might crash down. I know the thought of "Bitcoin will go to $100K" will keep some from selling. Take profits off the table. Enjoy time with your family. Enjoy Christmas.

I use Poloniex and Coinbase. I own Bitcoin, LIteCoin, Ethereum and Steem. Lately I've been siphoning SBD for BTC from this platform.

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I completely Agree. I have also financed my families Christmas through trading Cryptocurrencies without having to take on any extra debt. We are currently a single income home while my wife finishes Her degree. Side hustles without getting greedy is the name of the game.

Thanks for this post, you put things in perspective. Afterall, it's not about the money it's about those that you spend time with. The money allows you to do that.

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I got my kids everything they askes for. They do not ask for much but I got them everything and more. Forgot I had 0.25 BTC in a hot wallet. It was 200 bucks I was going to spend but forgot about.....

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