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A post about what writing I am working on and some general comments on the steem ecosystem.

Hokies football game

This is a look at a Virginia Tech football game from high in the south end zone. This was during the orange effect game where all the Hokies donned orange in support of VT. Football games are an amazing part of Virginia Tech culture and the entire town of Blacksburg shuts down on game days.

I hope everyone has been enjoying my posts and many comments here on steem. I may come across as harsh or pessimistic in some comments and I hope everyone knows I mean nothing personally; I often take a pragmatic position and passionately outline my concerns - this is for a love of blockchains and what they mean for decentralization. We are all in this together. Let the pictures scattered through this post let everyone get to know me just a bit better.

I have been posting more frequently and I would classify my posts into two main categories: longer deep dive posts with many sources and links, and shorter commentary on recent news and events. My 'deep dive' posts often receive much less traction than many of my shorter news-commentary posts. I plan to keep writing these long posts; they are what keeps me passionate about writing. I would like to work on a way to separate the two types of content on my profile - readers should know what posts I am most proud of regardless of the ones that made the most money. I am not here for the money.

You are the audience, what kinds of content do you want most? I only have so much time; I'll get to everything eventually but if something interests everyone today - that's what I'll be working on soon.

Me with chicken

This is me and a chicken. That's about it.

Steem as a whole has been improving - interested in how DPoS will deal with the increased market cap that is certainly coming in the short term. There will be lots of users soon; more money is going to be at stake, even if it is from the crazy inflation steem is trying to achieve. I am looking forward to seeing how this crypto-economics plays out at scale over time.

Here is what I am working on:

- scams on steem

The first area I have been making notes on is the advent of scams and 'fake news' on steem. There is already a lot of working being done by @neoxian, @cheetah and @steemcleaners on this front and it is going very well IMO. This is the type of 'using the stake' I plan on discussing. There is a lot of crypto scams sometimes too - I hope to better address these in the future.

- more cryptocurrency posts

I will have many more crypto posts, both short comments on recent events and hopefully many more long guides. Some of the topics I am working on include: ICOs and their effect on the markets and regulations, Stablecoins and how they will allow functions beyond bitshares smartcoins, Fedcoin and government crypto, coin reviews, scam shoutouts - oh yeah, steem is one of them, why decentralization and many other small tidbits about the polychain future we are heading to.

I am striving for accurate cryptocurrency discussion; I have been involved with Bitcoin and other distributed computing applications for several years now and I hope to bring some critical game theoretical knowledge to the table.

- HAM radio

I am a licensed amateur radio operator and have experience with software defined radio (SDR) operation. I have used the APRS network of radio receivers to track a high-altitude balloon. Using the SDR I am able to use free and open source GNU radio tools to decode many different types of digital signals. Radio is very interesting and I would love to share some of my work with you.

Very beautiful plant in China

This was a beautiful bonsai tree - hundreds of years old - from my trip around China. I can speak a bit of Chinese, I only studied for 3 years so my knowledge is quite limited. China is one of the coolest places I have ever been; I will be visiting again for sure.

- Synthetic Biology

I am a Synthetic Biologist and I would like to do some writing to help connect this sometimes overwhelming field. There are certainly some ethical concerns to be had and I would like to address concepts that may be confusing to the public.


Look forward to seeing some of my family members share their talents with the steem community. They are coming! Beekeeping, farming, health, environment and all sorts of creative work. I will be sure to update!

I want to give a special thanks to several steemians who have been very helpful to my progress on this platform. @kevinwong @rok-sivante @neoxian @teamsteem @demotruk and everyone else who has upvoted my content.


The beautiful colors of China

Recent posts:

ETH obsolescence?: how the metropolis hardfork allows important extensions to the Ethereum protocol - no transaction fees - one of my technical dives, clearly with less support :P

It's not about Bitcoin. The tokenized economy has begun.

Netflix leaving the fight for Net Neutrality is the very reason we need to fight in the first place.

More money for the early visionaries: why the ETH chain is so successful? - revisiting Why Consensus



You have summoned me... Have an upvote.

Go Hokies, except when they play my Spartans!, and cryptos, lol. I love the cryptos and the metals. I spent several hours putting this mining stock investigation together. I hope you find it of value. I think silver and gold may be ready to start moving up again very soon. This is an article I wrote breaking down some mining companies, the better of which should outperform the metals themselves by a wide margin. https://steemit.com/money/@motowngold/i-think-gold-and-silver-are-staging-for-a-run-here-are-some-mining-stock-ideas


I'm not sure if I can give you any helpful feedback besides a thumbs up, I like the deep posts because I learn and I like your shorter posts because I like to hear your take on recent happenings.

the high altitude balloon sounds really kool.

:) I hope with some of the features coming to steemit front end in the future will make it easier for me to segregate the two types of content.

Very awesome personal update! I hope you continue to help this community grow. I always love when you put your two cents in to some of my posts. Stick around and help keep others informed. You have a bright future.


I like where you are going with this. Would be curious about any possible intersection of blockchain and amateur radio.

73, N1TAN

I will be sure to highlight that in my post!


Love how active you are in the community bro. :) World class player! Keep it up. :)

Interested in that HAM radio post :) Keep up the good stuff.

nothing wrong with asking your fans what they'd like, but keep your passion and interest as your main motivation; once you start thinking as writing as an obligation, it becomes more work, and less fun ;>

Like I said, I will get to it all eventually - I want to see what others are interested in so I can share my insight.

Definitely interested in more about crypto scams. As a crypto novice, it's hard to separate the crypto wheat from the chaff. Thanks for your posts!

PS. Have you ever been published in ACS Synthetic Biology? I work in the ACS Pubs division. It would be fun if I got to edit your manuscript.

I sure hope to be at some point! I am leading a team for the iGEM Syn Bio competition this year - hopefully something publishable will arise.

I'm only a Junior so hopefully ill be published by graduation.

Keep up the good work! - followed