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RE: What if STEEM POWER wouldn't increase your power?

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This is a fantastic idea. I am not sure I like this "better at curating" concept. Curating is just that, objective - some niches will enjoy content curated by certain individuals, others will hate this content. I think some of the incentive structures around curating will mature eventually. The cart is before the horse on this one; steem is operating far from economic equilibrium. This can be both good and bad.

I think this concept will be explored further by new communities independent from steem. The space is large. It will be larger.

Now when discussing concepts for alternative voting schemes, I think a model where steem power is consumed voting is interesting. Especially with the concept of quadratic voting implemented, see my recent post below. This essentially requires curators to put their money where their mouths are.

There are lots of other concepts that can be explored in the new attention economy playing feild. Steem is incredibly and possibly over complex. Time will tell what users want.


You know we already discussed that post yesterday :)

Anyway, didn't they JUST remove quadratic (exponential) voting? I still don't understand exactly what you mean. I'm against people gaining exponentially more power the richer they are, unless the system is waterproof.

Haha yes :P

They just removed something similar, quadratic rewards. The purpose of quadratic voting is that more vote power costs more. Quadratic voting is basically the opposite.

Oh yeah that's exactly what i said yesterday.

It should literally be the other way around, someone with 100x more money should only have 10 times more influence. And even that is insanely high in it's current implementation because curation quality is completely ignored. A person with 10 times more SP should also be 10 times more critical and should be penalized 10 times as hard for making curation mistakes.

Let's rename curation mistakes to unreasonable curation :p

Никто никому ничего не должен,..))..вы еще в инет выходить запретите.)))