This is still social media and you only have 15 followers. Don't expect to be earning money with only a few votes on your material.

I'm fairly knowledgeable on social media and marketing. If you read my personal stories, I'm sure you can learn something from it without having to go through the experience and that way you would be able to cut the learning curve significantly. When you're a whale, thank me.

Be well,


@kuching do you use You can promote your blog posts in the #postpromotion channel. I'm always sure to promote my posts so that way more people get the chance to view and upvote it.

Salaries for bloggers vary widely. This report from Glassdoor shows ranges from $19K to $79K a year for the title "blogger," while other sources say the 14% of bloggers who earn a salary make, on average, $24K a year (or $33K for corporate bloggers). Likewise, freelance bloggers can make anything from under $10 a post to $100 or more for a relatively short post.

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