Hobby to part-time, and now full-time. Would you become a full-time blogger?

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As you might know, I have been on the dating scene for a while.

Dating is a code word for job hunting. It's a thing, pretend it's a thing. So this thing/dating/job hunting has so far not worked out too well. I started playing around with the idea of becoming a full-time blogger. After reading @shello’s post called, "TODAY I WALKED OUT of MY DAY JOB to Do STEEMIT FULL-TIME", I started to think, what this change in career would look like.

The plan.

I post once a day, everyday, and that is becoming increasingly more challenging. However, if I were to do this full-time I would consider writing at least two posts a day, and once a week write a third post. One post would be my normal nonsense. The second post would be a contest entry, and the third would be a story-like post.

The pro's and con's


  • I live and work in the same room. I would need more outlets to keep the creative juices flowing. The thought of working, sleeping, and living in the same space is a nightmare to me.

  • Working hours would need to be created or else I'll sit at my computer all day. I like working because it gives me a reason to get out of bed and start my day. It gives me a reason to go to bed, to shower, to leave my house.

  • Will I enjoy working at my hobby that once brought me so much joy because it was a hobby/part-time? I have the fear of hating it, the fear of wanting to run as soon as the going gets boring, and the fear of becoming crypto crazy.

  • The pay.... This will vary, this will depend on my efforts, this will not always be consistent.

  • Health insurance would have to be paid for somehow. The gym membership, the car insurance, the phone, the rent. My savings will only take me so far for the initial investment.

  • Will I be able to buy my house in August?


  • I could work anywhere. I would probably travel more. I wouldn't need to buy a laptop, but with it I could write anywhere. I could take notes on my phone as I do now and write it out later. My ideas generally come quicker the further I am from my computer.
  • I could work whenever. All night or all day is totally up to me. I've never had that before. How does a full-time blogger fill their time successfully? Time would be mine to use and not be determined by others. That is a lot of control. Some say they don't want to be in a prison of a 9 to 5, but I never found it restricting. I found it purposeful.

  • It would be fun to dive deeper into the world of blogging. Dive deeper by creating more content and really stretching my writing. Maybe the fear of writing will become the very tool I utilize the most. I can learn more about formatting posts, and editing videos, which I have never done, but want to.

I am technically a full-time blogger now, but I spend most of my time job hunting, resume editing, and interviewing. This would be altered into creating a schedule that catered more so to blogging full-time. This is just an idea, a ramble, a thought.

What do you think?

Some have taken the risk and gone full-time blogging. Others have tried it and gone back to work. What steps would you take to explore this idea/opportunity?

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@kubbyelizabeth, if you are thinking about it, just go all out. I stopped my internship in selling houses. I had to make a choice about putting most of my time in that, or continue on steemit. And I made the choice to go with steemit. It is hard at the moment, my rewards way down, but I stay positive. I believe it will pick up again. Lots of things in the pipeline, a new christian show on mspwaves, maybe a new christian blog etc. Maybe you put everything into blogging for now, but still looks for a job on the sideline, if God have something in store for you, it will surface by itself. It is difficult if you know you must make enough money to cover your expenses. But you have a very good fan base.


"How does a full-time blogger fill their time successfully?"

I'm still trying to figure that one out! I think a lot of it has to do with having fun and enjoying writing posts and articles. Even now, I'm not yet writing once a day like I would want to ideally. However, lots of things that I'm using my time on is also what I want to write!

Keep at it, and remember that things can and will come up- It's good to push yourself some, but be gentle :D

I've only been doing blogging "full-time" as of recently, but I don't think that I will personally dread it like a typical 9-5. There is just so much room to grow <3

I'm full-time in as much that i'm not earning beans anywhere else!

Was a bit better at xmas than it is right now, and if you are holding work down elsewhere I would perhaps stay on there until the next market scramble :D

And that gif is totally awesome!


I lost my job and as the second month of job hunting is slowly approaching I am considering the idea of making this full time until its not.

This is very comprehensive @kubbyelizabeth. This was and is still my dilema. I wanted to start blogging a long time ago, but I really didn't know where to start until I learned about Steemit. I love your ideas, and they will definitely help me as a newbie. I will be happy to be one of your followers!😉


Wow, thank you so much. I will keep you updated on my journey. Best of luck to you and keep these awesome comment coming and you will find a lot of success too.

It would be fun going into full time blogging. That means lots of research and studying for you.
I would also suggest having an entirely different business outside blogging to also have another means of income, with that you are also incharge of your time and you won't be worried about having just one source of income or anyone controlling you @kubbyelizabeth.


That is good advise. That second source might also inspire my blog, thank you!

My biggest fear would be working from home, trying to get started each day, being in the same room.
I would have to find a nice place to go each day. Maybe a coffee shop or something. At least you are in Florida, you you could get outside a lot of the time....


I would need a laptop or something to be able to "work" from anywhere

already gave you my thoughts before :D
Corporate world sucks. Be your own boss. At least give it a try for some time, what have you got to lose?

The biggest hinderance is that people don't believe they can earn FT via Steemit. There are examples of Steemians doing exactly that. @richq11 is one. Within eight months, Rich has put out min 1x post a day - well researched stuff, some gripping fiction even. Preserverance and creativity are key. Rien ne improssible pas avec Dieu.