in steemit •  2 years ago

So excited to finally read the newly released STEEMIT Bluepaper with some very surprising info of things to come.. GO STEEMIT!!

Image Reference: Created by @krytonika

Simply Click Here to Read It!!

Please Share Your Thoughts As I Will Soon Update This Post To Share My Ananysis!

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Lots of exciting things in store. I can't wait. Downloaded. Will read. Thank you!


Yesssss!!! Feast on the BluePaper - I love how that added just the right color of light blue for the background of it!! STEEMIT ROCKS!!

downloaded for offline ingestion .. you could have summarised the good bits @krytonika !! if you've actually read it ;)


I hope you are joking... Of course I read it - I actually read it twice - My intention of the short quick post was simply get it out to the many people that have been dying to read it - I also included that I was going to update the post shortly with an in-depth analysis.


Of Course..

..I'm joking you big banana ;) a wink at the end of a line usually means, wink - as in we're in on the joke together. I do look forward to reading your analysis, (when you've actually read the blue paper ;)

btw I've only read the first 20% or so, nothing new in there so far,but I'm hoping you can summarise the juicy bits for me X



@outerground - I totally missed the wink you big flirt.. lol - and yes hopefully within a few hours I'll post it - prob a new post though - but yes there def are some BIG changes coming - not sure what page #'s they were on but - whoever is going to make the changes - implement them - definitely took a look into the future (like 2-4 years down the road) and is integrating the new functions with the current changes scheduled to take place.

Page 6 - has the very interesting stuff - the blue paper doesn't elaborate too too much into it but I've talked to some devs who have made platforms on top of the chain and they elaborated a little bit of what exactly it means for them and us. (Assuming you aren't a dev) although the magic man has be mesmerized while commenting now lol ;)