Launching the first ever 100% transparent and provably fair Blackjack, the most popular card game, for our beloved Steem community.

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We are excited to launch the first-ever 100% transparent and provably fair blackjack game built on the Steem blockchain playable directly from your steem wallet through steem keychain browser extension. The best part is that the winnings are transferred instantly to your account and no deposits or withdrawals are required to play at Kryptogamers.

Being a krypto gamer ourselves, we always wanted Steem to have a vibrant gaming ecosystem and a community around it. So, we decided to build it ourselves and let community handle the fun part.


Game Rules

Rules are as simple as possible: Blackjack pays 3:2 which means the house edge is close to 0.5% (That's why it's the best game to beat the casino). Dealer hits on anything less than 17 and stands on all 17s (hard and soft). For a detailed understanding of how to play blackjack and the basic strategy, we suggest checking out Blackjack WIKI

100% Provable Fairness

Similar to our DICE game, we have open sourced our entire algorithm step by step on our website so that any player or third party can verify any bet ever placed on our platform just by the entering the steemit transaction id besides the Verify button placed in the Provably Fair section of the respective games. Alternatively, logged in users can verify their bets just by clicking on the Verify button next to their bets in the My Bets section.


Since we do not accept any deposits or withdrawals, we never have to deal with the overhead of securing your funds or keys as we do not have them in the first place. We use Steem Keychain browser extension for transfer transactions just because Steem Keychain itself doesn’t store any of your private keys. All your keys are stored in your local machine and thus are 100% secured.

Our Goal

We are striving to provide you a seamless gaming experience so that all you guys can unwind and have some fun with your steem. Our future goal is to become the leading entertainment platform for firstly the steem community and then the entire crypto community.

Let’s make Steemit great again!

Future Updates & Much More

We will constantly keep you updated of our upcoming games and new features. Meanwhile, try out a game of blackjack as well as dice and tell us your experience. If you have any questions, contact us on Discord or leave a comment below.


Resteem and Win 100 STEEM


Anyone who resteems this post stands a chance to win 100 STEEM by the end of this week.


Responsible Gambling

All players must the laws in their jusrisdiction and must be 18+ years of age. Gambling should be for entertainment purpose only as uncontrolled gambling may severely affect your finances, relationships and health. We discourage all kinds of gambling addiction and encourage you to set time and money limits. Good Luck!


@kryptogames wonderful to have an active steemian like you ! Being adventurous and trying out new dApps on the Steem blockchain and posting your experience with it.
You deserve an upvote ! Do continue to be active on Steem space, steem on !

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