Scammy little down voters

in steemit •  3 months ago

There seems to be multiple accounts with no SP going around flagging random posts, i had a couple a few weeks back and went to flag them back.
Its hard when they dont post/comment or reply to anyone so there is nothing to flag :(
Image result for flagged meme
This morning i got up to find some whale (haha 15SP) flagged my post, which did nothing
So i decided to check this profile out only to find out this account is flagging everyone!
15sp flag.jpg
I gave this account a couple of flags back and maybe left a threatening comment..but nothing major :)

Not sure what the motivation is here but i will play their game, it was good to find an account that had something to flag!! - maybe its more nuisance value

This is me @kiwiscanfly

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Yeah I also got few flags from that bunch of idiots :D Personally hate to see someone flag me and if I could get a chance I will flag them till they get 0 reputation!



yeah its funny when people with 15SP flag.....

Had a few of those dickheads visiting and flagging me as well.
I just ignore; while they're here, they at least do not bother little old ladies on the street.

yep I got one too! I was wondering why as well because it didn't do anything.. I through them some down votes because that's probably what they want.

I got flagged by some of them a few weeks back. Not sure what they are trying to accomplish. Don't think they know how Steem works 🤔

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Hola. Soy nueva en STEEMIT. Pero un usuario me dijo que antes de comenzar a publicar tenía que seguir a las personas y emitir 100 votos. Me dió una bandera, no sabía que las banderas eran negativas. Le pregunté y no me respondió. ¿Por favor podrían ayudarme? Gracias

Hi. I'm new to STEEMIT. But a user told me that before starting to publish I had to follow the people and issue 100 votes. He gave me a flag, I did not know that the flags were negative. I asked him and he did not answer me. Could you please help me? Thank you


No tienes porque seguir a todas las personas ni emitir cien votos porque sí. Las banderas se usan cuando un usuario hace algo incorrecto como plagiar, publicar sucesivos artículos basura (spam) o pedir que te sigan o que te voten (cosa muy mal vista aquí).

I "talked" to some user here who made a post on how he was just going to start flagging the top-posts in trending at random, because he thought it was all a bunch of "bullcrap", he wanted more people to join this crusade, I tried to warn him/her not to start drama. But he/she seemed very motivated in this cause, (the user was just a plankton or minnow). But I guess some users are really angry... They feel like its all fake because of bid-bots and such...


Willingly anyone can do this and your reputation will goes down.
From yesterday, a jerk randomly flagged my every comment intentionally and my reputation down from 43 to 20. Happy steemit. No one care a poor boy 😖😭😫

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