Identifying and building your brand on Steemit

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I have always been a softie for brands creation and continuous development and world over, it is one sure way great companies win and continues to win.

On Steemit, it is important that we identify what we are about and then go on to build on it for a better steeming experience.
Being a Steemian is one thing, being a Steemian with the most is one more step away from being just a Steemian.

Looking around the platform, you will come to realize that there is a need for you to know what it is you are about and then, when you do go on to follow through, make sure to work in line with that identity that you have been able to get going for you and build build build.
Identifying and then building your brand as strong as possible is crucial to creating a good and profitable followers base on Steemit and other social media platforms.

So how do you identify and build your brand on Steemit?

These steps are pretty simple and straight forward for everyone to apply and get better at.

  • Figure out what it is you do do.- Figuring what you are and will want to be about will help you have a direction.
    Steemit is a platform for the collaborative commons, that means, there is a place for everyone, unlike conventional social media platform, Steemit has a very rich and robust user-base that spans every sector of the economy and getting to first understand what you are there for makes it easy for you to get it right.
    Figure it our and you can factor in the benefits of working to identify and build your brand.

Think what needs your brand will fill.- So you have figured out your brand and set to build it. One of the best way to go about getting a win is by first then checking to see you get yourself into creating a package that aligns with the needs of your followers and then general Steemit community.
Bear in mind that Steemit is an attention community and that means everything boils down to how people perceive and accept what it is that you do. Steeming takes love and it has a soul and if there is a market for your craft, then you will be happy doing what your do

  • Finalize your positioning.- You must as a matter of fact, finalize your stand and also get into making the stuffs you work with work for the good of the community.
    Figure out what makes people like your articles and constantly looks forward to seeing more. When you find what makes you 'thick', focus on that competitive advantage and build you brand for the good of tomorrow.

There you have it, knowing the stuffs to do work on has so many advantages that will work to your favor.

Come alive and Steem on!

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Beautiful Post well done


The thing with 'building a brand' in opposition to throw you posts all over the place is that you will likely post much less.

And thus get less exposure. Which will make it harder to get a large following (Ironically).

Now we have a renewed UI, we really need a better search system.

Yes, you may get less exposure initially and that there is the period you are actually building your brand, the minute you take it to the markets, the followers and exposure will just be waiting for you to pick em. So I think its worth it especially since throwing em around is not doing much.

Hi @kingst, thanks for a nice post. Always good to hear from those that have done well and willing to share knowledge with others less successful (like me :p). I was wondering how you would apply these principles if you have multiple goals/interests on Steemit, as many people here seem to. Is creating multiple brands/accounts a good idea? Or is it better to pitch yourself as a jack of all trades/interests? Thanks.

Hi @plushzilla, I think you are successful as is because you are here on Steemit. I run just this one account and I post what interest me from it and so far I am loving it. I think like every business, you must first put in work and then see how it goes. If your interests are diverse, then by all means make the best of it.

This is incredibly informative, I bookmarked this post for future reference, thank you.

Brilliant. I agree completely. Building brand value will be crucial for making one stand out from the crowd and make the message come through much more effectively. Not much different on Steemit than in other places on the web, but perhaps even more crucial, because it's important to consistently come up with quality rather than volume, in order to create real value for readers/users, and in turn build upvotes, quality commentry and community, and with time turn your efforts into Steem Power and (Steemit and real) dollars.

I also, however, foresee a time where some or most will need to work with several different brands, if you do not want to "pollute" your brands with stuff that doesn't fit in with one particular brand. And if you spread out your efforts, less work can be put into the one user account to make a real difference in the perhaps shorter term.