Don't Let Risk Dictate Your Success in Life!

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Everything we do and decide to pursue in life carries a level of risk. There is never an option that has 0 risks whatsoever. Being completely risk-averse will lead you to inaction which will lead you nowhere in life.

I started listening to Tim Ferriss's podcast when I was around 16 years old (I'm 20 today) and I've been infatuated with the way he lives his life and pursues his passions.

He is obsessive and he is a little quirky at times - he definitely does a fantastic job of questioning the norm and doing things that normal people find impossible - like winning a campionship title in tango dancing after a short time of practice or being the first American to win some sort of competitive martial arts tournament after only a short time practicing as well.

He has a lot of great advice and he often shares a lot of wisdom from his readings as well, he shared this quote just a few days ago:


I love this quote for a lot of reasons. At any time in my life, I've been afraid to take certain risks. I can look back on my life and find a lot of things that I wish I did, but didn't have the courage to face the risk.

I was definitely a risk-averse kid growing up. I had a hard time chasing the things I want to achieve and that was mainly because of my shyness and inability to accept risk and make a proper course of action.

There are certain risks that I eventually learned to take - namely in the world of investing in the stock market and more recently in cryptocurrencies.

There's always been a side of me that's been completely risk-averse though. This side of me that has trouble taking action on many of the things that I want to do. It's vulnerability. I have trouble being vulnerable and accepting the downsides in certain situations.

My lack of desire to be a little vulnerable has kept me from doing a lot of the things that I've so badly wanted to do in my life. The good news for me is that I'm still young. I'm a child. I'm still learning. That's what Gary Vaynerchuk taught me.

He's taught me through countless pieces of content that being young and making mistakes is a huge part in your journey to success. Achieving the things that you want in life requires that you be a little vulnerable and accept some risks. Social risks and otherwise.

I've been working ridiculous hours every day for the past several months. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the grind. I enjoy the process of working my way to the top. I've always enjoyed working long hours.

But recently, I've been wondering what the point is. How many 0's are really needed in a bank account? How much is enough to enjoy life?

So that's why I've decided to accept a new kind of risk. A social risk that I couldn't even fathom taking just a few months ago. Hell, even a few weeks ago. This is something that I've wanted to do for a long time, but never had the courage to do until now.

I'm going to leave you with that little cliffhanger, but expect to find out what I'm talking about tomorrow. It's big news (at least for me it is). My entire life is going to change. Everything that I do will change.

I've never been more excited to do anything in my entire life. The stars have aligned for me to change my life and live a better way and I'm so happy to be able to share that journey on Steem.

You'll see what I'm talking about tomorrow. For now, I hope that you all feel a little more inspired to take a little risk in life. Evaluate what you want to do and if it requires that you stretch a little bit out of your comfort zone, then make a plan of attack and get after it.

Thanks for reading and I can't wait to talk more about all of this tomorrow, see you then!

p.s. the last 3 words are a hint 😉
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Interested to see what it is you are up to!

I agree with the overall message. I would argue that risk also constitutes doing something that you are not competent in therefore, improving yourself as a person whether that be in the form of a skill or mental ability.


Haha thank you for the support my friend!! The time has finally arrived where you can see what I'm up to now, check it out and let me know what you think!!

I 100% agree with you. Doing things that stretch your limits and force you to become a better version of yourself is the key differentiator of successful people versus average people. Success requires that we take leaps of faith on our own talents and start from a primitive point and move forward from there. Though it's hard to start anything new in the beginning, things develop with time and so do your skills. Patience is essential. Thanks again for the support! 😃


Just watched it man, looks great. Wish you all the best.

In the way of success were so many risks and sacrifices and no one reaches the top without struggles on its way. All the winners were all survivors from those thorns on the way but they continue and fight without thinking to give up.


Absolutely agree, getting to the top requires that we are willing to take on some battle scars in our quest to become better at the craft that we're pursuing!!


I love it. Totally agree, make mistakes of ambition and not sloth. Biggest mistake is not doing something, not doing something wrong.

There is nothing called risk in the business world. But low risk is the best according to my opinion.

This is really inspiring

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Great advice, thanks for sharing

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risk comes from not knowing what u r doing


lol... the greatest risk is risking nothing at all


patience... key element of success


great achievement involve great risks


dude no one rises suddenly in the world, not even the sun, learn to have patience


haha, if there is no risk, then there is no reward :p

Excellent article. I signed up and voted. I will be glad to mutual subscription

You made my day. My friend always told me -"no risk no gain". But in the course of life we forgot and become scare, panic , frighten ,alarmed and terrified by thinking the consequences of the result . Never realize that time is precious and will never never ever we will going to get back.
Thank You...with this beautiful post.


No risk no gain. No pain no gain. The message is clear - starting anything new and having the fortitude to withstand the trials and tribulations that come along with that pursuit are essential skills in the climb to success!

The proportion of risk gets bigger as there is bigger probable outcome also.....No risk no gain.....thats true.....but we should keep in mind that Risk should not triumph over gain....Risk should be proportionate or little less...

"Mistakes of sloth" are dangerous as it can make you feel as if the entire world is passing you by. Even if you fail, acton is really the only way. Gary Vee is a great person to listen to for advice about this, I'd also recommend a youtube channel called Yes Theory. Especially if you were risk averse growing up, I think you'd love it.

If you really love someone, TIME and DISTANCE will not make you forget them.

muy interesante su post,buenas tardes @khaleelkazi.

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Wow very inspiring
Am actually aware that everything we do involves but there are some risk that don't worth taking

Taking risks is what makes up for a more exciting life. And ever since I got into trading, I've learnt to discover my risk appetite. And I don't react to life anymore, it's just more of being aware that risks are somehow opportunities - if we can see them as they are. Thanks for sharing this great post @khaleelkazi

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But if u want to success in ur life u have to take risks. There r have two decisions. One is right one is wrong . But if you have the courage to achieve the goal u always get positive results ...

Unlike a very famous saying" No pain No Gain" same way no risk no success.

Taking risks might be dangerous but the whole task of risk taking gives you a thrill and a lesson at the end. If you'll win then you'll learn about your potential and if you lose; well, then you learn what mistakes you did and how to avoid them. Another good thing about risk taking is that you get a lot of experience and knowledge as well. As per defying the norms, that's my favorite task 😉

Sometimes you have a chance to loose your gain, while you calculating risk. Time is running and running quick...

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Life is about risks, one has to take risks to pass through hurdles

It is only the dead that doesn't take risks

Life without risk is. Food without salt ...... risk and succeed your goals !!!!

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You're right. The greater the risk the greater the reward.

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I don't completely agree with that, a higher risk doesn't always mean a higher reward. Though the rewards tend to be higher with more risk (because less people are willing to pursue them), there are still outlier risks that just don't make fundamental sense, unfortunately!

it's really important. Nice post!

Oh yeah!
I'm inspired!

Now I'm daydreaming!

Great risk is this one...
Well written

The tweet of Tim Ferriss you mention in your post is the key of success I think. I also think that every man shout find out his passion then just work smartly with that passion. We also know that "Extra ordinary person don't do different work, they do same work in different way". This sentence also perfect for extraordinary person. But if anyone wants to successful in life he must take risk in proper way. If he take risk in wrong way that must make him down. So it is important to know about the proper way i think.

A sentence in your blog make me to much pretty and that is "How many 0's are really needed in a bank account?" I just appreciate your talk. Everyone shout think how many 0's he want in his bank account. Thanks for inspiring. Best of luck bro.

I would rather take risks than mediocrity

well doing something risky, could be a double edge sword
this could apply to gambling or stock market investing, there is always a risk involved, so if you cannot afford to lose i would recommend not getting yourself, into risky business, unless you bave the ways to back it up. just my two cents!

You are right, it is all about evaluating whether the risk is worth the benefit, and every single person has a different comfort zone!

Good evening to all, sorry if some words or if the answer you are going to read is not well written. I am from Venezuela do not speak or read English as I would like this answer I wrote from the Google translator sorry if they do not understand some things I do not know if it was well written with this translator. However @khaleelkazi I really feel very motivated by your publication, because the situation of our country is recognized worldwide, obviating that I had the opportunity and the privilege of my wife gave birth, my first child, safe and sound. With this I want to say that I re-emphasize the situation in the country we are living is very hard and many would not want your first child the love of your life, live in this misery that is happening throughout the country, all your publication as an experience lived, because only with the situation that you live in hospitals is a risk just get sick, Empieszas take everything in the world in a very different way, you already have something or someone to fight for in this life for whom to give everything in this world, and that is what you want to emphasize in your publication, I have the privilage of having my little son safe and sound, it is hard work I must say working long hours to keep in mind all day like this my little son, it is difficult . The great reward and the best of the day after working is to see it, take it and embrace it is priceless. From my point of view it is a risk that I decided to take (EYE) I do not know how other people will see it but it is, it was and it will be the best risk that I have taken in my life until now. Very good your publication I am new in this but it really is I loved this publiccion. Thank you very much.

Hi @khaleelkazi your thinking about to take risk is right, i also take many risks in life but i fail most of the time and become successful less. But then i got the point that we have to take only calculated risk, in which risk to reward ratio is high. What is your opinion about risk to reward ratio in life.


Calculating the tradeoff between risk and reward is essential. If you don't fully grasp the result of your actions, then you can't truly understand the risks involved. It's a two-way street!

I also read Tim Ferriss's book. He is a amazing guy

Good post, you can feel the enthusiasm. I would say life is about balance.

Dear author, I really like your content! You’re writing in a very interesting manner!
I think my last post will also be interesting for you. Please, upvote it! I’ve upvoted your in advance.

If we don't take a risk, then we won't know what is in it for us. We learn from risks and that applies to life in general.

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Life without risk is nothing. And knowingly or unknowingly we all take risk in day to day life.
Existence + Risk = Adventure, Opportunity, Wonder, Hope, Change, Life.
But we have to make a decision how much risk we can take. How worth is taking risk and how much we achieve accepting risk.
Overall very good post. You made us think how much risk we take in day to day life.

wonderful post...

Well Very Very Interesting and Inspiring Too

Be Brave!!!!

Definitivamente esto es muy alentador ya que yo mismo tenia miedo de cambiar mi zona de confort y ahora mismo estoy tomando las riendas de mi vida y asumiendo el riezgo que conlleva tomar desiciones de mi vida por eso me identifico con el sr. tim ferris

Thanks Khallel!!! We all afraid of taking risks in life. Life is all about taking risks and experiences. Still water always spoils. There would always be turns in the way of flowing water but this water would be clean and drinkable.

This is a really interesting post
Nice one bro

thực sự có ý nghĩa cho những ai đang đi tìm con đường cho mình

great great

Totalmente tiene la razon!!

Good post, Don't forget to look at my blog, maybe you like it

I must agree it's quite good quote.

The own chosen risks are making your life to something special and part of your personal growth. Risks from outside, not chosen, are sometimes real frightening. Wish you a lot of pleasant risk results.

@khaleelkazi this is interesting

Can't wait to see what you have planned :)

I can definitely relate to being risk-averse early on. I've also been a fan of Tim and Gary for a couple of years now, and learning to take calculated risks has had a huge impact on me!

Intresting..Very true

Hi @khaleelkazi! I like the quote about taking calculated risks. It sounds like that's been your philosophy when it comes to investing, in which case we have something in common! As for making yourself socially vulnerable, I find it helps to believe that you were put here in this life for a reason, by a power that transcends the opinions of other people.