Today is my 2nd Steem Birthday!

in steemit •  7 months ago

Helloooooo beautiful humans!

That's right, today marks 2 years since I joined this wonderful little experiment in human civilization that we call Steemit. It's been a crazy ride, in many, many ways, and I'm so grateful for the opportunities that have come from this platform! Thank you @churdtzu/ @paradise-paradox for introducing me!

Fittingly, this week I also cleared 4000 followers, and today is also the 1-month anniversary of @TribeSteemUp receiving it's delegation from @JamesC. Big things happening all around, and it just keeps getting bigger!

These past couple of weeks have been quite interesting. Summer is coming upon us fast, there is all sorts of celestial energy moving, and I can feel my own gears turning faster and faster, I've been staying up later. This transition is often a little tricky for me, because I SO, SO love winter, hibernation, stillness, rest. I'm moving, I'm not holding resistance, and I'm happy to be here, but I'm definitely still sleeping in when I can.

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Some things of note

  • After the next couple days, I will be out of the digital world until about the 8th of July. @ELAmental will be manually checking the auto-voter and available via Discord.
    • Use the "missed-autovotes" room to post a link if your first post of the day didn't get its upvote
    • Use the "posts about tribesteemup" room to post links about the community/for community events
  • The National Rainbow Gathering is just a couple weeks away (that's where I'll be much of this offline time), and you would LOVE it there!
  • Crypto prices are dropping, but don't panic! Now is the time to buy, to get your friends who have still been just watching to finally buy in, and to keep posting on STEEM.
    • Remember, more than half of your payout is in STEEM, at it's current USD price. Thus, a $10 post when STEEM is at $3 gives you a lot less SP then a $10 post when STEEM is at $1.5
  • You are amazing, and I love you!

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Happy 2nd Birthday of Steem, Human!
Enjoy your Media Break as Well.
Sounds Like A Good Time.
Got a Heckuva Beard as Well.
Enjoy your Steem Gains During the Bear Market!!!
Have a Fantasmical Day @kennyskitchen :u)

steemit - Happy birthday to you.jpg

Happy 2nd year on Steemit, see you in Aca.

I got this bro. To anyone that needs help while @kennyskitchen is away: hmu on Discord, but please continue to use the TSU channel for missed autovotes. My schedule is sporadic so do not be offended if I do not always get back to you right away or even that day. Blessings everyone!

Happy 2nd Steem Birthday @kennyskitchen!

I like what you're doing with the @TribeSteemUp initiative (supporting, connecting, and inspiring content creators working toward a more peaceful, harmonious, loving world.)

I'm involved with a similar project, albeit on a much smaller scale and with much more modest goals.

Anyhow, I'm hoping to see you announcing your 3rd, 4th,... nth Steem birthday in the years to come. Cheers!

Many Congratulations @kennyskitchen. :) Keep doing great stuff everyday. Let the sun shine and give you enough Vitamin D. Hehe!

Congratulations Mr. @kennykitchen..., you have been adventuring in this very profitable realm. The days go on ... time rotates with its time. You have created in this world. Nothing more spectacular than creating a fantastic work. You are one of the list of achievers. I am sure, your spirit and energy will be more accelerated with this situation. You definitely have a great power to go ahead and create new things.

Very fantastic ... The summer that will befall will be able to cause us dehydration when doing activities outside the home. Hope you have set up everything to welcome this summer. Incredible pack ...

And then... I hope that the your community (@tribesteemup) develop will be more advanced and gain attention from the general public. Congratulations ... you are inspiring me today.

Thank you....!!!

@ponpase | From Indonesia

heee you this is amazing how to work and how to adapt to segalahal, very many people who likes you including me @takin really likes you

happy second steem birthday to Mr kenny

Congratulations, bud! I'll be coming up on my 1 year anniversary myself here in July- and it's all thanks to you!

Happy second birthday Kenny.

It's my first birthday on steem as well today.

Look forward to connecting with you on my show when you are back from the Rainbow Gathering.

Congrats on 2 years @kennyskitchen That is an accomplishment for sure! I hope to get there in 1 year 10 months and 17 days.

Two years well done! Huge accomplishment and you’ve created some amazing stuff here on steemit. Enjoy your time away sounds like a great opportunity.

Wow already 2 years, this is amazing.
So You have been one of the first people here on steemit.
Congratulations to that milestone.
Even after 2 years you're acting very well on the platform.
I appreciate the work and effort you put into your posts and into the community.
Keep on pushing like that buddy.

Woww its greats 4000 followers in 2 years on steemit. Congratulation Mr @kennyskitchen

happy 2nd steemit bday to you Kenny, have a great time in the forest at the gathering and yes I have noticed that you can no longer see how many view your post. xx

Thus, a $10 post when STEEM is at $3 gives you a lot less SP then a $10 post when STEEM is at $1.5

Minnow here. I guess you need to have 2 Steem birthdays before you can even get $10 on a post here, no? 😅

Congrats your doing a sterling job but the looks of it. I'm just drafting my 1 year birthday post. 💯🐒

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Wow man! HAPPY Steemit Birthday bro!!! A milestone... Last week is my 1year! lol

Happy Anniversary on your 2 years here at Steemit. Wishing you a great time at the rainbow celebration. 🐓🐓

Congrats,i just joined the platform .I hope to make the many years too.

Congratulations. I am glad you have made some achievements within this period.

happy birthday kenny!
if ur interested, i heard that the page views wasn't accurate for some technical reason,, and that was the reason it was removed..

Here's to the next amazing year on Steemit..

Good job man