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a couple notes before I begin:

I'm writing this series on Steemit, but I'm writing it for all of my tribe who aren't yet on Steemit, or who dipped a toe in the water, didn't make big money on their first post or two, and never logged into their account again. I'm writing it to help express how powerful an opportunity I feel like this platform is to the many beautiful content creators in my life. I want each of you to expand your audiences, find inspiration & community, and for your art to become a consistent conduit of abundance in your life.

By 100% "powered-up", I'm referring to my choice of rewards payout for this article (and the following articles in the same series). For each Steemit post, you get to choose between 50/50 payout in SteemPower (voting currency, subject to 13-week distribution) & Steem Dollars (liquid currency), or 100% into your SteemPower. for most of my Steemit career, this platform has been my main source of income, so I've pretty much stuck with 50/50. For this series, my goal is all about building the community and helping more of my community merge with the Steemit community, and I want to get more SteemPower to help with that. I want to help my family find success! See this article to get a bit more in-depth look at the differences.


So, what is Steam-it... Stemmit... whatever you call it?

Steemit is a blockchain-based, (semi-)decentralized, open source, social media platform, with a gift-economy, where content creators & curators all get paid in a crypto-currency (which is easily converted to Bitcoin, precious metals, and governmental currencies around the world).

Uh huh.. and that means?

I understand, that is a whole lot of big, vague, techy words; I'll break it down and go through each one, as I feel that some of these concepts are very important to the current state of the world, and even key to the paradigm shift itself.


The Blockchain is a way of creating a decentralized database to keep track of all the records on a network. Every transaction is recorded into infinite redundancy, making it effectively fraud-proof. This technology is best known for it's application in currencies like Bitcoin, but is also being expanded into things like "Smart Contracts" and much more.


Decentralization is one of the key elements in an anarchist world, a free world. In any situation, a decentralized structure will almost always prove to be more responsive, more resilient, and better built to facilitate humans being their exceptional selves. Steemit is semi-decentralized, in that miners can be voted in or out, and everyone with SteemPower can vote to help decide who earns STEEM, but it is largely held by some major players. There are many projects working to help equalize distribution, including @minnowsupport, #minnowsunite, the steemtrails, and more.

Open Source

Open source technology is based on the concept that ideas can't be owned. When you create something new, you share it with the world for everyone to be able to use & expand upon, leading to hugely collaborative projects. I believe that Open Source is perfectly in alignment with the way that ideas & inspiration flow into humans for the purpose of spreading, expanding on, and manifesting.

Social Media Platform

You're all familiar with social media at this point, and the basic concepts of: scroll through feed, give things a "like", read the ones that are really interesting. The biggest differences here on Steemit are:

  • a complete lack of ads (currently at least)
  • ability to make money for posting & voting
  • a community which is focused on quality content & uplifting each other
  • you maintain ownership of the content you post

Gift Economy

Most of you are familiar with the idea of a gift economy; it's what so much of the movement is already implementing in the Gatherings, festivals, and Burns. The idea that interactions don't have to be quid-pro-quo seems pretty simple, but it has a huge influence on how humans deal with each other. In the world of Steemit, when I upvote your post, it adds some value to it (currently $0.11 @ 100% for me). The thing is, I don't lose that $0.11, it comes out of the new batch of STEEM being mined, or created.

Content Creators & Curators

Everyone on Steemit is either creating and/or curating content. Even if you've never put up a single post, your comments on other peoples' posts are still content, still adding to all-that-is the Steemit platform. The more value other people see in your content, the more upvotes it gets, and the more you get paid out. Curating is the act of up-voting and flagging content on Steemit. As you can see, it's possible to create quite an abundance flow, simply by helping abundance flow to great content creators.



Crypto-currencies are a relatively new type of digital, non-usuary, non-government currency, generally created through "mining", which is the running of supercomputers to solve complex hash equations, and creates the backbone for most cryptos' blockchains.

So how does it work, what do I have to do to get started?

(Image Source)

When you put all of that together, what you get is a website, where you can create a completely free account, immediately begin upvoting, authoring posts, and leaving comments. As you grow your following, perfect your style, and master the ins & outs of the platform, you can begin to earn reveneue, even turning Steemit into your full-time job!

(Here's one of the witnesses, @teamsteem!)

You can create a free account by going to and verifying via phone number (you get some number of free SteemPower, and more delegated SteemPower to help you do things. For those who are worried about privacy, or want more than one account, there's AnonSteem, where you can pay to have an account created & verified for you. Current prices = 10 STEEM, 0.007 BTC, or 0.4 LTC.

Why I'm excited for you to join Steemit

I'm so happy to share this opportunity with all of you (especially those I've tagged, sent the link to, posted to your wall, etc. I know SO many amazing content creators and world-changers, and I would love for all of you to expand your audiences to the Steemit community, PLUS begin getting a financial abundance from doing what you love (and sharing it with people).

Since I first found Steemit, I've been working to help my friends & family realize the value & opportunity here, and have brought a LOT of wonderful humans to the platform. I created a number of posts sharing how much good the platform was doing for me, showing great content to huge audiences on Facebook (my 40 Anarchists to Follow on Steemit had over 6000 reach on Facebook). Most of the benefit has really come from people I've reached out to individually though, like @alchemage (who I called an hour after publishing my first post, and has been active since).

Here's all my tribe who I've onboarded so far (italics indicates they're pretty new and/or inactive at the moment):

| @acab1312news | @alchemage | @andyharrison | @athonwy | @atrickpay |
| @bonitaoregon | @burntmd | @dicksonscheme | @dortopor | @earthpermit |
| @elamental | @electron | @firstwords | @hhcwebmaster | @johnnyhurley |
| @kerrismiles | @nathankauspedas | @nuggplug | @robhustle | @rocknrolldm |
| @scottiemac | @spark | @thealchemista | @triberiseup | @truniversal |
| @wearechange-co |

How I want to help you get started

I want to help you launch into the world of Steemit! I'm now up over 940 followers on Steemit, and quickly building SteemPower myself; I just moved all my other crypto-currencies into STEEM! I want to use my SteemPower to up-vote your posts, I'm going to re-steem your introduction post (so all of my followers see it), and I'' buy you a @randowhale vote as part of my project: #payitforward. I'll also be doing regular updates on The Tribe, including new folks who have joined, and some of my favorite articles for the week.

I'll be here for you if you have any questions, need insights, need help formatting, and so on. I'm releasing parts 2 & 3 of the "Getting My Tribe on the Steemtrain!" series tomorrow and the next day, to help guide you through things as well:

2. Kenny's Tips & Tricks to Steemit Success (Plus a collection of in-depth guides)
3. Kenny's Guide to Writing Your Introduction Post

I also want to help you get connected with The @minnowsupport Project, #minnowsunite, the Steemit Culinary Challenge, and a variety of other wonderful projects in the world of Steemit.

A perpetual state of gratitude is there for us always, we just have to choose it.

If you enjoyed this post, and want to support my work in the physical & digital worlds, please consider following me and up-voting (maybe even re-steeming) this post.


I am in a perpetual state of abundance, and I am grateful and appreciative of it

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great cause love it <3 i don't think i'm giving you much power there by upvoting sorry lol

Thanks for welcoming so many of us onboard the #SteemTrain @kennyskitchen!! Really excited to read the rest of your series- it's definitely the push I needed to finally post an intro! Your guidance and tips on here are so appreciated brother :) ❤️

Also: Did you notice this is your 1111th post...?


I'm so happy to be able to :-) Glad to see you're here, and looking forward to your jumping into the platform more!

I did notice that, took a screenshot :-)

Thanks Kenny, what a cool calling to help us all uplift into Steem World :) I am inspired.


You're very welcome! I'm so excited for you and many others to join the platform and start being part of it's beautiful flow of support and abundance :-)

Always feedin' and nourishin'... I appreciate you, @kennyskitchen! What a beautiful initiative :-)


Thanks @erikaharris! Love helping out my family :-)

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I've been here almost a month and I'm still enjoying learning from you by reading into this . Read 1/3 of it right now


I'm glad I can help you get a better grasp of things here :-) Steemit is a great place to be, and I know you'll find lots of success here!


I agree , it's been wonderful so far (:

Nice post. You did a great job at covering the grounds of steemit and this could potentially be a nice introduction letter to the non believers as well as the new users. Keep on Steeming brother


Thanks @slickhustler007! That's pretty much what I was going for :-) Full steem ahead!

Welcome back, give me some of that Rainbow Vibe I send you much puppy love. Please view my posts brother: @organiccacao. Pura vida!


Thanks :-) It's good to be back from the woods! I'll check out your content.

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Thanks so much @minnowsupport! Im so grateful for the MSP and everybody involved in it!

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Thanks for bringing everyone here to Steemit and for being such a positive influence in my life. Upvoted and resteemed!


Hey brother! I had no idea you were on Steemit already :-)

Following you now, happy to add you to my list of awesome people folks should follow.


Yey! :-) thank you!

I love your passion and enthusiasm, Kenny! Keep up the good work!



Thanks Leslie! I just feel like it's such a perfect fit for so many people I know :-)

This is a great idea! I might have to take inspiration from this in trying to get my friends onto Steemit. It's tricky to find the right way to get people to come in and actually do it for at least a week...


Awesome! Whatever works for you, whether it be a video, written articles, speaking to people in-person, etc. I'm all about getting folks STEEMED up!

This post gets a 11.25 % upvote thanks to @kennyskitchen - Hail Eris !

Really great post :) have to follow so I can get more great content from you!


Thank you! Hope you enjoy the rest of my content as much :-)

Upvoted & RESTEEMED :]


Thank you so much @nofear!

Simple question: Where does the "money" come from to make the payouts?
This sounds like another Federal Reserve perpetual motion "money" machine where something is created out of nothing. In fact, it sounds worse than the Federal Reserve because they don't use up any significant resources to create their FRN's. Here, the Steemit ecosystem has to purchase hardware and consume electricity to create their "money".


The payments come from the mining, except that in STEEM 75% of the rewards go to content creators & curators, vs 100% to the miners like most cryptos.

The big differences between fiat governmental currencies & cryptos is that one is based on debt & usury, kept in place only through massive military violence, while the other is based on energy consumption & algorithms, only used voluntarily, and increasingly decentralized.

Here's my 2 Minute Steemit Tip on that questions: Where does the 'money' come from?

I'm definitely on "take two" here. Steemit last year was both great and difficult. Add some personal things to the difficult part and that translates into taking a long break. But I'm back and regrouped. Thanks for the encouragement!


You inspire me to think. Thank you for encouraging growth!

How are your friends steemit hopefully still be given health. And I hope your days are fun, with your latest posts, which inspire and inspire many of Steemit's loyal readers.

@kennykitchen a lot of your good posts This is a very interesting and useful post, so my heart's intention to read and see in detail the posts you share. I follow you.

could you explain a little more about what you mean in your first paragraph to a newbie!

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