Ever wanted to go back and edit posts after 7 days? Looks like you'll be able to soon!

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Today, for some strange reason, I felt called to actually look at Steemit.com's trending page... Not the sort of place that I usually frequent. To start things off I scrolled right past the first 10 or so, safe to assume they're all just folks paying bid-bots. A little ways down the page, I found @steemitblog's newest post: Steem 19.10 Officially Released: AppBase, RocksDB, Unlimited Content Editing, and More!

There are quite a few things mentioned in the post, some of which are for the witnesses and super-techy folks, and I recommend reading the whole thing, as it definitely affects you. Go ahead, I'll wait :-)

This piece right here was by far the most exciting for me:

Unlimited content editing (past seven days)

The release will include a change to allow unlimited content editing (beyond seven days)!

Once the 19.10 release is deployed to production nodes (by the witnesses and RPC node operators), the blockchain will allow changes past the seven-day threshold. After that, it will be up to individual UIs to support unlimited content (or not).

Steemit has already created pull request 2826 to update condenser to allow unlimited content editing, which will be deployed to steemit.com after a sufficient number of witnesses have updated.

Wooooooooo! This is SUCH an exciting change! I don't know about you, but I have LOTs of old posts that I later found one misspelling in, or that I want to continue updating because it is the main post about a specific project... but because of the 7-day window, these posts have become more and more useless (besides not earning rewards anymore).

Now, whenever this new thing launches, we'll finally be able to update things forever. The most exciting concept for me is to create bookshelf posts, one each for different topics, and then link those bookshelves in my blog's signature, a la @creatr! When he first told me about the idea, I didn't jump on it since I would have to continue re-posting those shelves, but with this new functionality, I am definitely going to go for it!

Things are getting better here on Steemit, and @Dan's been talking more and more about Steem 2.0 over on EOS... Exciting times folks! So grateful to be here, now, riding this amazing wave of evolving human consciousness.

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thanks for sharing. these are great updates, i definitely found a few older posts I wanted to edit, or at least grab the code from. cheers!

Wow...i think this new development is going to make steemit an interesting place to be, because now mistakes could be corrected anytime, anyday. I just hope they would also include upvoting posts even after the normal 7 day interval, just like how #ONO intends to do

I really don't look much at what I posted yesterday, much less over a week ago, so frankly this has absolutely no impact on me.


For many of us, our popular steemit posts are often some of the first result bon Google for a given topic/keyword, so being able to keep them updated is good for everyone.


Exactly this ↑↑↑

This is great news Kenny. Considering steemit content organized like a bookshelf that can be amended and added to is a pretty epic concept. Thinking of ways to share and disseminate info, writing and skills using the blockchain gets me fired up for sure. Good things keep a coming with Steem!

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i think this new development is going to make steemit an good place because now mistakes could be corrected anytime and ppl feel more confident . steemit place of opportunities

It will be great to be able to do this without any limits whatsoever.

I do believe this are exciting times, and we all should be grateful for the opportunity to be here, experiencing first hand how concepts like Steem start to evolve while becoming more popular.

Thanks for the heads up @kennyskitchen!

  • I'll head over and read the update after I digest a bit of your post...
    • Unlimited updated will also mean if you included for instance a youtube that has since become unavailable, you can replace it or remove it.
      • However, thinking thinking thinking, if there is no way to see the history of versions, hmm I don't really like that idea. Let's say you do a great article about eagles and I make a great comment about your article. And then for whatever reason, you completely change the article to be about gasoline engines, hmmm see where my head is taking me?
    • I'm a huge fan of wikis because information should be able to updated, added to, taken away from. But their main feature is being able to track the history of the page.
      • Hmm I'm going to have to sleep on this before I give it 100% support. I like the idea, but can see some consequences...

So about this library idea...
It sounds like a very cool idea. Something that you would think would be incorporated directly into Steemit.com and all or at least some front ends.

  • This is the year 2018 and if you come to my blog, you shouldn't have to scroll page after page after page of headings to find the golden nuggets I have written about things that might interest you.
    • This idea will help take steemit to the next level. I really, really like the concept.
      • Do you have a post explaining how it all works?

Yeah, I stumbled upon this as well. This is a really cool change as the authors should always be able to edit their own content. Sure, it has some advantages to lock in content as well but this was a rather limiting rule before and I am glad they change it now.

Well yeah, this will come in handy, when you wanna copy something..... Especially pics from old posts.... Awesome.

Thanks for the alert on this. It does give steem/steemit a whole new level of usefulness.

Coming from a background of building local community websites, the 7 day editing rule severely restricted how I could use steemit.

With this new feature I will be able to go back, revisit and revive my local community building ideas.

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Would editing a post reopen its 7 day earning window? I come across lots of old posts that are worth an upvote, but I refrain because it would be a worthless vote.


I don't believe this change will affect payouts at all.

That bookshelf feature seems pretty awesome, can't wait to try it out!

It's my one year anniversary on Steemit, by the way!


Happy Steemday brother!

which will be deployed to steemit.com after a sufficient number of witnesses have updated.....How soon?

I see that editing is working perfectly! Great stuff. Now if only they could implement a type of "soft delete" that will allow us to hide old posts, thus removing old non-working videos from Dtube channels. My channel has a bunch of dead videos...

In the mean time, I've just retitled all my dead vids as "expired" and typed "aaa" in the snapshot box. Now my channel has all my pinned working videos on top, while the non-working vids are at the bottom and show a gray box as thumbnail.

Let's keep at it devs, we're getting closer to prime time! Another thing. Put in a good word for "collections" feature, like what's on G+. That is such a useful feature to have on steemit!!!