Kenny's 2 minute Steemit Tips, Episode 19 - How to use AnonSteem to create an account INSTANTLY

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Here we go with episode 18 of my series: "2 Minute Steemit Tips", where I do my best to concisely and thoroughly break down some of the key things needed to be successful on Steemit. If you've got any questions about the platform, please feel free to ask them in the questions; not only will I answer them (if I can), but maybe they'll be the basis for my next episode (in which case I will mention you as the inspiration).

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How to create an account INSTANTLY

Today, I'm breaking down a question that I definitely get asked a LOT: How can you create an account without waiting for a 1-2 week approval, and/or when you've already created one?

The answer is quite simple (and is looking like it will be even more simple after the next hard-fork), you just hop over to and create one there. @anonsteem is a project created by @someguy123, to help people skip the delays, create multiple accounts, and just have more flexibility.


The process:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose your username & method of payment
  3. The page will give you an address to send to (and a memo if you chose STEEM)
  5. As soon as payment is received, the page will update itself and give you the account password
  6. Log in on and CHANGE the owner key ASAP.
  7. Remember to backup your private keys (check out this "Tip" for the breakdown on keys)

For this example, I created an account for my friend, @geliquasjourney, maybe you'd like to go follow her :-)

Generally speaking, the cheapest option is to pay with STEEM, at least whenever I've checked. Right now, using the current rates on CoinMarketCap, the price for an account breaks down as:

  • 5 STEEM x $3.44 = $17.20
  • 0.2 LTC x $216.88 = $43.38
  • 0.0042 BTC x $10,656.30 = $44.76

Remember that some of that cost is used to start the account off with SteemPower. If you pay using STEEM, it's actually only costing you 2, as the other 3 will be in your account's SP :-)

Obviously, for some people the idea of paying for an account doesn't really make sense, but there are a few reasons to do this:

  1. The account is created instantly, rather than waiting a week or more for the approval process
  2. You can create as many accounts as you want, versus the 1 free account allowed through's process
  3. For me personally, I mostly use it as a great way to get friends started with an account, and give them a bit more of a headstart (3 SP to start instead of 0.5 SP)

If you find this tool useful, please remember to vote for @someguy123 as a witness!



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This is crazy useful! Are their any competitors to


At the moment, it's the only thing like it. Hardfork 20 is supposed to be adding an account creation faucet, where you can actually burn SBD (deleting it from the supply) to create accounts.

I would be going through all your Steemit tips to consolidate and remind myself of the most efficient way to do things here. It is really great to have met you. Your videos have answered all the questions a new person on steemit would want answered. Very useful resource for reference and teaching others.

I know this is kind of looked down, but I would love it if people could come by my channel to check out my content (recently made a fortnite montage that I'm proud of, despite it being extremely amateur); fair bit of gaming videos! It would mean the world to me for my channel to expand even just a bit on dtube! Have a great day guys :)

Nice tutorial... Love your write up

Woww 😨😨😨 that is very awesome..
That is great,.. So great.. Thank you, I want to learn about it...
Thank you for sharing... Maybe my friends want to see it too
I reestem it..

The thing I don't like about this tool is the interface. It's like I'm programming with CMD or tubro c which is very old. I guess I would prefer blocktrades instead. Great post still buddy :)


Well this has a totally different purpose than blocktrades. One is for exchanging currencies, the other is for creating Steem accounts.

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it is useful for some people . But i prefer to use one account and give it all my attention that make it growing more fast that what i think .

may be i am wrong . So i need really your help to explain for me what i will do with many accounts

with my hope for your more succeed

It's not just for people to create multiple accounts, but also to create a new account if you lost access to one, or to create accounts for friends so they don't have to wait 2 weeks or more for approval.

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Good post :)
I really like your posts, keep the spirit and be the best

I like dtube.good post

thank you for hearing our feedback, even if different opinions between each other, and do not stop to create new works that benefit all friends steemit

How informative and well explained! Thank you for the mention as well :)

Thanks for your Quick Tip!