Why you should invest your money in Steemit and what lies ahead for it...Steemit is picking up Steem!

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Why you should invest your money in Steemit...

One user, Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante recently made $15k on Steemit in 12 hours. As you can see from the picture above, he is a Steem believer. The Dollar Vigilante is one of the largest financial newsletters in the world and one of the biggest promoters of the cryptospace. Jeff says " I can see MASSIVE potential for Steem and Steemit." So why am I saying all this??? Because Steemit has great potential and it is proving it!

Steemit is picking up 'steem.' Period. Notice how the pageviews per user for Steemit was more than Twitter, Reddit, and even Facebook for most of July! The peaks even beat Amazon, and in fact, one of the peaks of the Steemit data even beats Google! Also, time spent by each user on Steemit is more than both Amazon's and Twitter's. In fact, Steemit's time spent by user is almost twice that of Twitter's.

The picture shows Coinmarketcap top volume cryptos as of Aug 7, 2016. Steem ranks #3, only behind Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The picture below shows the number of social website users in the world.

Clearly, the trend is up. With Steemit having only 50k users as of now, it has IMMENSE potential to add users quickly.


1. Steemit is already listed on multiple exchanges and as the 3rd pic in this post shows, there is no dearth of volume or investments from investors.

2. Steemit could reach 100k users in the upcoming weeks. In fact, at this rate of user growth, I would not be surprised to see a million or more users by the end of the year.

3. Steemit could be recognized as an accepted form of payment by websites and tech companies.

4. We could have more major hedge fund managers and investors pouring in their money in Steem and touting it on CNBC.

5. We could see STEEM ATMs and cards.

6. Steemit could be monetized. How, you ask? Advertising. It is a $65 billion opportunity for social media websites by 2020. Could the picture below be a possibility?

7. Steemit's market capitalization is 404 million as of now with 50k users. Considering how much potential it has, it is definitely undervalued. To compare, Facebook's market cap is 360 billion with 1.7 billion users. If Steemit could monetize itself as well as Facebook, it could overcome that market cap justification with just 200k users. If it could just reach 234 million users (total number of Reddit users) and monetize itself to 25% of Facebook's potential, it could be worth $12.4 billion. However, all this is an IF for now.

8. This might be well into the future, but as Steemit's popularity grows, could it be a global currency? I will leave that for you to think. Comment and tell me what you think could be Steemit's future. I will upvote the most insightful comments. Please upvote and comment. Thank you.


@kdugar , good post. I mentioned STEEM ADS in my post but it was mostly ignored. Check out my blog, I talk about add more STEEM POWER before Jeff got here, and why. Anyhow, keep it up.
Full $teem Ahead

I don't like the title "Why you should invest your money in Steemit"

Participating in Steemit is fine, but INVESTING your own money in Steemit is incredibly risky. It's not the type of advice anyone should give anyone frankly. The inflation rate is too damn high. I bought $2500 worth of Steem at $3, turned it into SP and now I completely regret it. Even though my SP has gained an interest of 100 steem since I purchased it, my wallet value has decreased over $1000....

Looking back it was a huge mistake using my own money buying Steem and locking it up for 2 years via SP. The inflation is insane and so far is not being countered by SP's interest. And locking $$$ in any alt coin is plain foolish, wish I hadn't done that. No one here has any idea if Steemit will even exist in 2 years

Thanks for your comment. I'm new to Steemit, only 2 days in, and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to invest any of my money. I realize this is an older post and comment, but I'd be curious to know how you feel about it now. Thanks.

Lets all hope the Steemit platform grows as large as we all believe it will. Have faith, write hard, lets make this a reality everyone!

Awesome post @kdugar. Data facts and graphs along with content about opinions give this post so much more weight than just a simple rah rah rah. (although those are always needed as part of the universe as well)

It is exciting news about steemit and even more exciting that in this time we are at the bottom of the market. I feel there is a big need to digital currencies and when shit starts to hit the fan, its usefulness will only be in more demand. The war on paper money is not going away, and as the governments of the world actions i feel will only push the populist more towards all crypto currencies, gold/silver and land. Now steemit is cheap, which for me means buy low and sell high when needed...

Being given the opportunity to be paid to watch the adds that we choose paints a pretty picture for me. It sounds to me that here is the opportunity to cash into steemit power now for, should steemit really take off in the future, there will be a real market for steem it. Especially for bloggers, cash into your steem power now.

Every now and again something comes along that keeps me up at night, this is the 3rd since Bitcoin.

This would be a pretty easy voting system I think.

Thank you TheDollarVigillante for getting me onto Steemit

Great article @kdugar I think people just gotta get out there and spread the news a bit more. Often people won't be able to believe they could earn so much on a post until someone close to them is saying 'Dude, it's changing my life, get it now!' haha

Yes, exactly. People will gradually hear about how Steem lets you express your views and at the same time be compensated for it..eventually, more and more people will join it. In the end, it is a disruptive platform with great potential..what's not to love !

Upvoted, I 100% agree. Not a day goes by where I am not gravely concerned with the direction in which our world is heading. I am very excited about the new direction media could take on this platform.

I agree, if Steemit evolved with Facebook's features, then why use Facebook or other social network when you can do the same and get paid by using Steemit.

I really like the feeling that Steemit's voting system is something which holds true value as opposed to the negative feeling I get from Facebook's liking system. The like button on Facebook seems to be it's "currency" IMHO and about all it's good for is feeling "popular" whereas Steemit could really build a community whose participants have real power to promote the issues and content which matter most.

Insightful comments, guys. Thank you for sharing your views!

I really love the Steemit platform but looking back at this screenshot of CMC almost a year later makes me cringe. Steem is the only coin that's actually gone down in value. Pretty much every other coin listed has gone through the roof. Again, Steemit is a great platform that I have no doubt will succeed but they really messed up with the way they handle issuing of new Steem, which currently devalues the coin something fierce on a yearly basis. I just don't see how it's a valuable investment, which the last year has sorta proved.