Oh I don't come on here for self-esteem, but getting no recognition in the midst of drivel does make you feel a bit shite!

I suppose I can see how one could feel that way. How did you monetize your blog? Just using ads or something else? Asking because I have been thinking of starting a blog. I make a good amount of money on Instagram and want to expand a bit.

Make money on IG? I am listening, buddy ;-)

Lol well I have a little bit of a following, and after a bit brands started reaching out to me for sponsored posts. Usually brands I talk about already because I love and use them. So now I get free items as well as payment for trying, talking about and posting about the item. Again I only say yes to brands I currently use and love. So far I’ve worked with Doritos, Burger King, Clinique, Shari’s Berries and a few others. Almost up to $400 a month just from that. And I only post on IG 2-3 times a week. My handle is katniawatkins if u wanna look

But back to your blog.. how did you monetize it?

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