The rich get richer and the poor get poorer in steemit too.

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I am working from last 7 days delicately and also posted some nice stuff. I write every article with my heart and full of information but no one want to visit on my post because i have not enough Power so i can reward other users. Even this is the real life fact that no one praise you until they get some reward. That is why this is less popular then other same kind of site like reddit, quora etc. But Whale, Dolpins, and Shark can still help without expectation of reward.


Reddit/Quora people love to help each other without any exception. I even get 10+ comment in my each post on Reddit and Quora. Why people keep away from steemit? Ever this question arise in your mind? Because here people only work to earn money instead of helping. In reddit whale fishes love to reply on important question but here Whale Fishes are only busy to create and develop their own community.

I never saw on steemit Whale fishes ever comment on small fishes post. Even they have power to give them good reward on their quality content but who cares. They can motivate to new users but why they do so because they know that small fishes themselves came to them.

I too sometime think to quite but this is very good platform to share your content so i stay here and give me another chance to stick but everyone have not that kind of patience.

We can grow this community but we have to work together.


We must motivate new users. We must spread our thoughts. At least we can award to new users who are writing rich content. Steemit grow if we work together instead of selfishness.

I wish you understand me. You can even guess that my post content by Title and Pic.

Please don't degrade steemit. It's very nice platform for self depended student and Professional worker.

Thanks for reading my article. Must Resteem, Upvote and Follow me. Bro Check the post @steemit.vlog

You can visit my blog to see my other Post. (2).gif

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The poor can get rich on Steemit.
keep it up, have an awesome day!

Hahahahah it's only possible if richer and poorer work together. @robertchr thanks for the comment.

Your post was selected to be included in my "Diamond in the Rough" series. It's goal is to promote high-quality posts made by new steemians (red fish and minnow) thereby helping them get the exposure they need to grow and thrive within the Steemitverse. You may check the related post Diamonds in the Rough @sandalphon.

@sandalphon Thanks you very much. You are doing great work. Keep working and motivate new users.

You are a hard worker, and deserve more recognition. You should check our discord server Steemit-Friends. All are welcome to join. We support each other to and upvote each others content. We figure working as a community will help us all become more successful here.