Dear Steemians, thanks for your money -Ned and crew

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Sorry, the lights went out in this picture at the HQ of Steemit, Inc, due to the bear market.

Check out @ned’s latest article:

  • 70% of staff laid off.
  • SMTs now further delayed.
  • This user interface basically abandoned after sitting in beta for over 2 years, for a new site.

You guys feel sorry for...Ned!? Is this place a cult?

They’re a business paying themselves from volatile markets? There was no backup plan in place for bear periods like these?


The “tough times” referenced in the comments are for those who have put everything into this place. I’m sure Ned and crew have more than enough of a financial pad to be alright.


Makes ya wanna throat punch somebody, doesn't it?

It's not just a cult, it's mass hallucinations, at times.

Enter Competitors. The quicker bed and company is gone and witnesses take over completely the better. I wish he would just power down everything now at the bottom personally.

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That's been mitigated already. The top decision making witnesses, with only about two or three exceptions, enough to point at and exclaim "not rigged, look!" but not enough to sway direction by consensus, are bought and paid for.

Let's sum up his business plans so far:
In a bull market:

  • ninja mine
  • profit

And for bear:

  • lay-off
  • profit

Yep, he got everything covered.

What is ninja mine?

When you set up RC's system - thus preventing users from...using the does make yo wonder about the logic.
(or even to wanting to bring users to a platform..)

Happened to someone I know just recently, after making only a few comments here and there.

I used a dormant account last week to try it out.

1 post and two comments later - I was done until next day (waiting for rc's to power up).

I f I'd just joined, I would never have come back...

Happened to me when I joined. Was quite annoying.

who do you suppose should pay for the platform to operate if not the users? didn't work like this for 18 months before . hf 20

...gab , twitter, minds...?

...if it wants to be a paid club, fine, but don't talk of making it some ' new uber social media success story' - when people will not join if they cannot communicate without penalization for every action they make..

And because it wasn’t like that for 18 months does it mean it was sustainable business? it doesn’t mean that at all. Look at where is Steem Inc. now…

do you see any adds here? No you don’t. that’s what all other freemium platforms use...

Everything of any value is not for free in this world...I never talked about anything like that:D For me Steem is something completely different than just a social media paltform

Sure they can join and communicate...if they buy Steem for like 2 dollars then they are good to go:)

There is no penalization at’s called lack of bandwidth...

Sure they can join and communicate...if they buy Steem for like 2 dollars then they are good to go:)


I had around $15 when I posted on a dormant account.. - after hf 20 - last week/2 weeks ago...
I posted 1 post, 2 votes and 2 comments - I could do nothing else with it until the day after...

Look at where is Steem Inc. now…

So you're telling me that this is system is the best way to attract users?

I have simply asked a very valid question I didn’t imply anything like that...You’re totally making up my dodged the question and started negatively defining Steem compared to other you realize that?

Sure...You’re good to go to have some bandwidth at your disposal. I for instance am happy that you don’t have more...less poison on the platform might get generated it seems:D

If you cant simply engage in a meaningful discussions and intend to dodge question and being negative all around go spread your poison to twitter:) That’s all I’m going to say here…

If you took it like that it say more about your sensitivities than any toxic communication from my side..

Sure...You’re good to go to have some bandwidth at your disposal. I for instance am happy that you don’t have more...less poison on the platform might get generated it seems:D

Why would you be happy about that? You see that's the difference - I would be happy to everybody say what they want, without being penalized for talking...
(even lefty snowflakes).

this isn't poison, this saying the truth. Unless anything I said that you construe as poison, and not truth.(is poison truth to you - the same substance? lol)

Can you point anything out?

my 18 months model? no
my post hf 20 experience with my account? no
my comparison to other platform where you are not penalized for communicating? no

My incredulity at perceiving that someone can think this system is better than a non penalized communicating system?
That makes no sense.
Why you would be offended or think it's 'poison', is very interesting though...

...soft echo chamber of oversensitive postmodernistic mentally, is exactly why this place is like it it...

I spent my life in people orientated businesses - in the real world- and sometimes I see the total lack of understanding of human behaviors on here, as laughable.

He's been powering down multiple accounts for a while now.

Good. Keep powering down at the lows. I love it.

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The staff lay-off is the backup plan?

Guess so. Backup plan = fire almost whole team

Would an increase in witnesses help at all? I want to mine Steem like Bitcoin.

The trouble is that so many witnesses are simply not active, and that the top 20 can override the rest, and that the top 20 are basically centrally chosen by a few powerful accounts. This is my understanding.

So, why are the witnesses not paid, compensated, for hosting, serving, witnessing, seeding, mining, or whatever we may want to call it, unless if it doesn't include any, some, or all of these terms, words, especially the word "Seed," which we can understand is a conception bit torrenting, and the word "Mine," which we can get from Bitcoin. I would love to mine or seed Steem. If I was paid to be active, to seed, to host, to serve, to witness, etc, then I would be as active as possible, because the more I helped Steem, then the more Steem would help me, right? Is Steem not doing that? Bitcoin does that, right? Why would Steem not do that?

you get paid as a witness but it depends on many factors
see here someone recently talking about it

But why not get paid like through a seeding BitTorrent style system?

don't ask me
it will have something to do with the steem architecture
you'll have to read up on white papers and steeminc explanations and witness explanations to get an answer for such questions

most people won't bother to ask such
it is how it is
there will be an explanation to your answer
if it is sufficient I don't know
it won't change regardless

That probably means that better blockchain social networks will be able to potentially do better than Steem someday if it has not already.

I said it already and I’ll say it again.

  1. Ned was the most unsympathetic guy on the Steemfest 3. This didn’t take me off guard at all lol.
  2. we need to get rid of the centralized aspect of the platform. It will go hand in hand with massive price drop cuz the steem inc would be powering down and selling a lot...Then again the platform needs redistribution...this is it

Overall a good thing that happened in long run imho

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