I apologise for everything bad I did on Steemit | The most honest article...

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Well, I am writing this post because I realised, long time ago, my behaviour on Steemit wasn't a right one.

It's not because I am not making as much money as before on Steemit, It's not because I have no attention anymore, It's because Steemit gave me a few powerful lessons.

I joined steemit surprising, after 1 minute I saw the website random, I don't even remember who showed me steemit, everything was too good to be true, after receiving few upvotes I started to be addicted. How did my addiction manifest?

Spending more than 10 hours on Steemit. Honestly. Commenting on every single post I was seeing on home. Uploading photos and trying to improve my writing skills. I've started to promote Steemit on Facebook, everywhere, for me it was enough those few upvotes and 'congratulations' comments on how great my content is.


That's because I was very active on Facebook before where I was receiving $0. But wait, something happened, I started being greedy, I wanted more and more and more, just because I was spending 10 hours daily and I was watching trending page, hot page, people were making hundreds while I was still making $1-$5.

That motivated me to be more active more addicted but that wasn't good. Just because I had expectations, too many...too bad for me.

You most probably know, I am young, I am only 22 at the moment, and a perfect lesson I got on my own skin on steemit...

Not everything works the way you want or the way you plan.

Be focussed on quality and not quantity. Quality from all points of view.

Always give something back.


Don't let everything in will of fate...At least say thank you. Well, I think it's the moment for me to say thank you all. Thank you Steemit.

After 1 year and 3 months, I realised even those who downvoted me deserve a thank you. Everyone who commented on my posts, positive or negative, deserve a thank you.

You all contributed to my change as a human.

Be happy Steemit exists, not only because you can earn money, but because you can find here people who can have an impact big enough to change your life. Because you can find here people with the same passions like you.

Not everything is pink in life, I am going through a difficult phase, mental. I am fighting with my brain. I want to succeed in my head so I can succeed in reality, but it takes time.

From my heart, @jwolf...

-to be continued-
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I remember that I followed you for many months, but then I did not liked your posts anymore. You were only trying to make all the cents that could be made, and I perceived you as arrogant when you did not care to upload quality comments on your posts. Then I stopped following you, because I did not liked the person that you became...


First of all, trust me, I am not arrogant. I was answering to all the comments before, until I had to study for my last year at university...

Now I am free again! Thank you for your time and comment!


I do believe you! Actually, I haven't said that you are an arrogant, but that you left me with the perception of being one. I'm very glad that you managed to successfully finish the studies, and I hope you will very soon find a good position that will help you to develop for your future! Good luck and continue to be an active Steemian!


Thank you! Good luck to you also!

Honestly good.

You’ve been a contributor here for as long as I can remember. Being active is good. You definitely haven just been posting junk.

Anyway, all the best with your mental health. We all go through these stages sometimes and I’m sure you’ll get through it.

Don’t be a stranger!

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Thank you!

I haven't been on steemit long enough to see your changes but I do know that admitting what happened and how you feel about it takes courage and is commendable. I'll continue to follow you @jwolf. You do have a lot of posts that are funny as well as helpful, inspirational and thought provoking. I may not have known who you were but I like who you are.