Take Out The Political News Trash

in steemit •  2 years ago

So I am turning off the Political Media, Ahhhhh - so nice.
No joke I have turned off the most annoying thing I can think of right now and that’s the Political Media Show complete with stupid pundits of the day at their shiny plastic desk with their giant cardboard computer screens and the talking heads host blab la bla.

OMG Is it just me or Is there a whole lot more BS available these days? Does anybody tell the truth? And does anybody really know what the hell they are talking about?

I have been getting some real relief because of this away time from political stump the pundit dummy media. Especially the mainstream media. I don’t care if its - Twitter, Facebook, Tv, YouTube forget it I just want a mind break. This stuff is just really making me ill. So…………..I’m off now and wow! what a relief like a free vacation without a phone it’s propaganda rehab yeh!

I’m recalling an old documentary I once saw about test monkeys (thing of the past I hope) smoking habits and addiction and well ……… it must be the same kind of the same thing here with this media thing, an addiction, a learned response, a habit, right? Because of the addiction factor (education), the monkey eventually smoked (watched CNN) whether a food was offered as a reward or not.

Are we addicted to media? just blindly sitting and listening to this mind-numbing propaganda? I think this "take a break" idea was a good one because hey, what if it was “illegal” to disconnect” someday.
Hey I’m just throwing this out there in case some other Steemers are feeling the pressure of the political media BULL, don’t feel alone.

So, now I’m just enjoying Steemit Reading (no political BS filter = 1) while composing a cynical article or two and, I bought some Steem! Well not a lot but hey. I recommend getting that done before you try and relax.

So, turn it off (political media poo poo), go outside and listen to the quiet, take a few pics, cook something. Oh - hell that’s it, now I know why the photo category in Steemit Stats are so high, people are out regenerating.
Have a great Day.

Just One Opinion

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