Hey so what if we changed the direction of Steemit ?

in steemit •  2 years ago

I was thinking of an affiliate program.
Like we pay people to spread the word about Steemit and get new signups. Not only that we reward the new signups for being active
We would have a separate website to keep track of who signed up who and who needs to get paid, plus much more features.
It could be tied to the steemit block chain.
We would pay people 5-10 dollars for every person that they get signed up.
What do you think?
We get the funds to pay affiliates from donations.
So our mission is to promote Steemit and get new signups.
Also reward new users for being active.
All for the greater good of steemit.
Steem On Guys!!!!!

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It could be good but I think steemit is more interested on people who are willing to invest.

I think this is a good idea. I think the reward should be in proportion to how much the new recruit makes, but there could be a fixed amount too. Tsu had this and you got a share of 'child' earnings, but also for generations beyond that in diminishing percentage amounts. I know some people made a lot that way. Not everyone can create great content, but they may know people who can. It's an incentive to build the userbase.

I think it is too early stage. we are still in beta. Lot of things have to be changed first, before you have the perfect product.

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