New York Times Best-selling author Neil Strauss just posted about Steemit to his 117K Twitter followers and 16K Instagram followers!

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Neil Strauss is a well-known author that wrote the bible for pickup artists The Game, and followed that up with another NYT Bestseller The Truth.

He just posted a letter he's never shared with anyone from Phil Collins on Steemit and shared it with his massive social following.

UPDATE: When I posted this, his Steemit post had 21 upvotes and $1K earned. He's now up to 322 upvotes and $10.6K. Let's keep it going!


Lets not. How do you know its Neil Strauss again.

He posted verification on his public Instagram and Twitter

He's one of the first guys with a major social following outside Steemit to do this, but I don't think he'll be the last :)

Great!!, We should get Milo in Steemit, the timing is ripe

Dang. Can you imagine if we make all the celebrities who post on Steemit instant Dolphins? (or whatever it is) sh*t would go crazy....

agreed. a famous author like Neil as an active curator is hugely valuable for the network. He's up to 322 upvotes and $10.6K, but I'm still surprised it's not being upvoted more

Honestly, I think it has to do with scale. 400 upvotes is about average for his other instagram content, but I am sure $7000 for 1 non-sponsored post is not. More votes or not, i would be baffled if that didn't completely capture his attention.

This is how we take this thing mainstream-- people like Neil sharing to the world and having a great experience. Pretty surprised there's not more love being shown to him!

yep, it is good promotion for steem

Big props to you Jumpman - thanks for uncovering and telling us about his post! I see his post has over 250 upvotes and is worth over $10k now :)

Thanks. I imagine a world where just like today there's stock analysts that make stock recommendations in the public markets, there will be steemit analysts that make post recommendations on steemit :)

Keep up the good work!

I didn't know he was here! Thanks, I'm going to upvote right now!

Strauss* (FYI as an edit for your title)

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