No pictures in Steemit at the moment. Do not be scared, it happened before!

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At the moment you can not see images in Steemit. For the posts in the "NEW" tab it seems to be generalized.

Some time ago something similar happened and the reason was the following. The problem is that Steemit used (still uses as I understand it) the Amazon Cloud Storage to save the images. Amazon had problems with the storage and you could not see the images in Steemit like now.

I guess they should be working on it already. We can only wait.

Edit #1: I do not say it is what actually happens just what it could be happening.

Edit #2: Also Images from external servers can not be seen... could be just a Steemit problem.

Dont worry be Happy-Steemian! :)


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Thanks for the awesome update ! Way to go Amazon !!! LOL!!! So glad at least to find out my new Chromebook I purchased with steem is not broken !! I was about to have a heart attack ! LOL!! Steeming on non the less !! Hope they fix it soon , I wanted to check out the meme challenge ! 👍👍👍

hehehehe well could be something else... I was making some test and you also can not see pics from Imgur for example... could be that they use Amazon too or it could be just a Steemit platform problem..... We need to wait and your new Chromebook too ;)

haha thanks for your reply back !! Hopefully its fixed sooner rather then later !! Haha ! Im in a contest where I need to do 7 posts in 10 days with 300 words in each ! Plus many more things LOL ! I cant do nothing until its fixed ! 😕😕😕

I see every pictures... Oh, sorry! you guys don't have our Martian eyes...

The Martian

What for a lucky ET! :D

The unlucky "Earthian" ;)

Good spot, I thought it was a problem with my rubbish chromebook!

Do you remember when it happens before? Was not so long ago...

Lol, I do. Ithink I posted up a pretend picture!!

Yes, you make a contest!!! to guess the pic hahahahaha... I actually put a pic to this one too... can you guess what?

A pic that says

No image available

LOL!! :0)

Funny, pics came back just one second now and again out.

I was clicking around on the website and thought it was my internet connection... i just assumed that i couldnt load the images for some reason haha, thanks for the clear up

Looks like images from external server are not working also... maybe it is just a Steemit problem... need to wait.

Maybe a decentralized cloud storage would be a better fit for steemit. :P

Big problem... we would still not have Steemit if we were waiting for that ;)

unfortunately... :/

Así vi que dijiste en chat... Gracias por avisar

De nada! pa eso estamos :)

Thanks for this information!

It's why I host my images on imgur, however recently it seems that steemit rehosts the images to the Amazon servers. Even though the markdown points to imgur. Why? I have no idea. It's a particularly frustrating problem for photographers.

Yes I know... but now even images from Imgur are not working! Make is me wonder what the problem would be if is not an Amazon one.

Steem isn't directly linking to the images, it copies/rehosts them on Amazon, if you view a post on you can see the images.

Yes, you are right, I also can see the images from the post in Thanks for let me know :)

So... what is happening because and are also not showing the images?

I really don't know. Probably something with how the sites read the blockchain or use some kind of api to repackage the generated page.

they are back! :)


lol... the moment I resteemed this post... I start seeing images again. :D
But still takes very long to load...

Yes, it happens to me, for a second but they are gone again :)

I reloaded the pages couple of times, I thought it was due to my chrome browser so I updated it but still the problem was same as before. Now I have known the reason. Thanks for updation. Have you visited my last post of India tour?