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From the Trending page, 2 new delegation for upvote services were launched today, namely @steem-ua and @smartvote. Similar to @silvergoldbotty and @qurator which I am a member of, these 2 new services promise to deliver lucrative daily upvotes to your quality content.


@steem-ua and UserAuthority

A new kind of Reputation score was introduced by @steem-ua that aims to provide a more accurate indication of an account's reputation. Unlike the default Reputation currently used in Steem, which can be bought for, the new UA keeps track of your followers. The algorithm behind is complex but well thought after.

Checking our account at, @jrvacation's UA score is a miserable 3.430, ranked at 6657. 😔 If you are reading this, please consider to follow us and help improve our ranking! 😈

Besides UserAuthority, @steem-ua is providing a delegation for upvote service for quality authors and content creators, using the UA scores to determine your posts quality. Interesting!


This service promises to provide a lucrative daily upvotes for your quality posts at up to 10x of the delegated sp. This means that, for a 100sp delegation, you stand to get a 100% 1000sp upvote. This is definitely one of the best ROI in the market.

Another distinctive feature of @smartvote is comments are also eligible for upvotes. And if you decide to take a break from posting, you can even change and opt for a daily payout instead of upvote. This makes @smartvote a flexible delegation service to consider.


As a trial, I had started to delegate 250sp for each of these service. Will report the result in a week or two.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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@steem-ua seems a great idea, this is in fact what steem should have been based on from the beginning. Now the problem is that you have to "buy" in to the upvotes and that is not really possible for the small fish. But apart from upvote services, there should be great opportunities offered from user-authority.

Smartvote seems rather lame. The 10x upvote is exactly what you get by upvoting yourself ten times a day. No need to have a bot doing it, apart from convenience. But they take the entire curation rewards as their profit which seems like a lot. If this really is one of the best ROI's, I should really make a competing service!

I make quality post, hope i can get upvote !


Hi @jrvacation! We are @steem-ua, a new Steem dApp, using UserAuthority for algorithmic post curation! Your post is eligible for our upvote! Thanks for your contribution, keep up the good work, and feel free to join our Discord server!