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Trust is Everything for the Blockchain

Wow, what a week meeting with a plethora of various participants in the ever-growing a blockchain world from investors to technologists to industry leaders.

The primary take away, it is clear that the industry is moving to tokenized assets that are either tangible or have real value from an intangible standpoint.


The bridge is being laid for countries & Power Players around the world to unite in ways that I have never seen before. Communities are popping up overnight with specific intentions for those who participate at their own choosing.

The ability to incentivize behavior is now changed forever as the data associated with his behavior is inherent to the Token or coin used.


#eos has released their Dawn 3.0 version which is game changing. Regulated and licensed markets are next up and they are going to take the World by storm.

As the chairman of the SEC said today, not all ICOs are evil in nature. Investors, especially family offices and those associated with institutions on Wall Street and similar are looking for trust and longevity. Those issuances to these groups with real value will make it long-term.


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