What is Discord? How does it work? What is it for? How do I access Discord? If you are not clear, this post is for you.

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Have you ever read the word "Discord" in any publication and for now you only know that it is a communication tool between Steemit users. But ... how does it work? How do I access it? What does Discord do for me in steemit? If you have these and other questions about this, then this post is DEFINITELY for you.


So ... What is Discord?

In simple words, Discord is a text or voice communication application. As is the "WhatsApp" application.

historical review.

Discord emerged as an application of communication via text or voice for the gamer community (community of gamers). In 2015 a US video game developer released a chat application that was less burdensome and had no security problems, so Discord was born. For gamers (gamers) playing online with different people in the world is normal, but the communication tools for this were boring, simplistic, heavy, and with security problems, yes, the game is one thing and the communication application in line is another. The latter the more options you want to add, you must pay for it.

Discord being an application such as whatsapp, you can download it on your mobile phone, PC, or MAC, Discord quickly became an application par excellence for video players, had at last a fast communication application, with total security to privacy , where they could open servers / channels (this is what we know as "open a group" if we were in whatsapp), where several users could interact safely and above all for free.

This application had scope outside the videogames, for its high security to the privacy of your IP location, your data and for being able to remain anonymous, this application was used in areas such as politics, religious or cultural dissident groups or communities, among others.

Eventually it reaches the Steemit community because of its attractions or characteristics.

How do I access Discord?

You can access directly on your page https://discordapp.com where a user must open it (easy to do so) or you can download it directly as an application on your mobile phone.


I already opened my user ... And now? I do not know what to do!

To belong to a group or channel of chat in Discord you must have an invitation from this group or channel.

What good is Discord in the Steemit community?

In the Steemit community you have to make a strategy to get followers and in turn, your votes, forget about the "vote by vote" or "follow me and I follow you" that will not take you anywhere, the idea is to do it by publishing publications with content quality, original and of your authorship, but it is useful for you to have all these attributes in your publications if you do not give a correct promotion, that is where Discord comes in, through the channels / groups in Discord you can interact with other users of Discord. the Steemit community, you can promote your publications, ask for help in doubts you have, read tutorials to make better publications, among others. You can make yourself known in the community of the group and that this leads you to achieve good position in the same what would be reflected in your rewards of your publications since your publications would have an audience to reach.

But how do I get the invitations to be part of a channel / group in Discord?

That will depend on you, your tastes and what you seek. When you are part of the Steemit community, it is generally believed that it is just about writing things and publishing them, waiting for someone to vote, and it is not, in the steemit community, there are those who like information about cryptocurrencies, others who like topics about photogames, other topics that have to do with art, among hundreds. Each of them seeks to belong to a community depending on their tastes and depending on the search they make will get the invitations to belong to the group.

Getting the links to get an invitation is not complex or difficult, personally when I like a profile of a group or witness, I ask in the comments if they have a Discord channel and I ask for the invitation, mostly they respond and you get it.

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You promised to show how to access Discord, but the closest you got to doing that is saying 'it's easy to do'. That's no help.
I got in earlier, but I can't remember how to do the auth part, and I can't find instructions anywhere.