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RE: Your 2 Cent Vote is Worthless, The Real Deal on Dust Votes

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I will keep this short because I'm not really sure if you're robot or not. But thank you so much for following me. It means a lot to me. So I am here to thank you personally because truthfully I appreciate it. If you are not a robot, feel free to reply back to me. If you are a robot well thank you for what you're doing. I send all of my love your way until we meet again. And may our creator bless yous.


Hello. I'm the founder of Newbie Resteem Day here on Steemit. I can assure you we are not a bot. We are a grass roots group of Steemit members who work hard trying to promote great content creators like yourself. We are non profit and our main goal is to create a culture of support for newbies and help them build themselves up. No gimmicks. :) If ever you would like to join us on our discord channel the link is at the top on newbieresteemday accounts blog page. There is always a great community there and help if ever you need it. If ever you need a hand never hesitate to reach out to our members there. Whether it's post resteeming, post structure, or just questions in general, we are always here to help. It's newbies who create great content like yourself that we love to give a hand to so if ever you need anything don't be shy and give us a shout.

Very good to know! And thank you so much for responding to me. And letting me know. I tried to not have much to do with Bots. I just feel they're way too impersonal. However, I do try to thank them because I figure somebody has to have made them. And because I don't understand everything that goes on here, I don't necessarily know if some box are good and some were bad or if all our good or all are bad. I try not to be involved in all of that conversation. I would rather spend my time getting to know people here and helping to raise people up. And thank you for all of your kind words. They all help to build me up and inspire me to keep going. Just like everybody, sometimes my life is very tough and hard enough to deal with by itself. It is nice to be able to come here and be uplifted. It's even nicer to come here and be able to lift other people up because of how it makes me feel. I like the thought that with my simple words there's a possibility that I can turn somebody's life around or help them to see the light that brings them out of the storm. In any case, I have a horrible habit of rambling on so I'm going to end here. Thank you again for everything you've done for me and that you are doing for everybody here in our community. I send all of my love to you and all of yours until we meet again. And I ask that our creator bless yous.

@johndoer123 You are very funny, you look like an angel that fell from the sky and walks the way distributing love and good wishes, but since it seems that you do not know how to use the computer very well, sometimes you get confused and copy and paste a comment twice and end up looking like a robot that was left hanging in an infinite loop hahahahahah Thanks for existing! I'm watching your contests.

Yes I know. I have caught myself doing it before. I have to do everything on my phone, and it is not a very good one. 😁 Sometimes the screen goes crazy, and I have to just watch it as it fix buttons and clicks them at random. But I just laugh at it when it does it, I think it makes the phone have a pretty fun personality. ☺
And as always, thank you for the compliments. I don't necessarily know about an angel though. I just tried to do what I can to brighten people's days. I think that you're a wonderful person too. And I am so glad to have have met you. Please, let's always stay in touch with each other.

I am a fish risking this sea, sailing aimlessly and is exhausting. I will speak for me. The new ones not only need SBD or SP to believe, but also the key tools to support and impel us. Something like "Do not give me fish, teach me how to fish". There is a lot of information here, but so scattered that it is a difficult task to gather them together. Sometimes I have gone to bed at 3am reading content to guide me.

There are many accounts that talk about helping, but they only propose Trail that are a waste of SP and Bandwidth, at least for me.

Others, because they have projects that look great, but are not designed for newcomer. I was left wanting to participate in the project of @steembasicincome demand 1 Steem ... I do not know if they remember, but accumulate 1 Steem is forced labor almost that 24 hours for 3 months..

I think the contests have been very popular, because you do not invest so much energy and you can get the reward. Do not feel disappointed as when you invest many hours in a post and is not valued. And now it turns out that not even 0.001 touches me.

@johndoer123 - a group of us, including myself, @beeyou, @davemccoy, ... too many to list ... that we joined forces to help out newbies. The account, @newbieresteemday , was set up for us to share "the blessings" - we use the same account to upvote and resteem as members of this group have time and / or resources, such as SP.
Just last night, we were talking about just this topic - dust votes, and we were thinking about how to help raise them up to $0.03 - which will take a coordinated and joint sharing effort.
@newbieresteemday is still limited in reputation and SP, so, we, as a member of the group will need to follow @newbieresteemday but will need to make people aware that this is indeed a group effort although upvotes will come from several members difectly until @newbieresteemday has enough SP and rep.
All the best!

very good @freedomshift! And fyi, I am also speaking with a witness about how we can help with this situation too... I agree it is a big issue and will do a lot to help with retention if we can eliminate the dust ;)

too many are not clear, confused about voting and are frustrated ...
my 15% of 810 SP gives $0.03

Yes I agree completely... That is why I have brought it up.

Sir, I hate to butt in, as always. But I was thinking, maybe when you're under a certain reputation say 35 or 40, that you can claim the smaller amounts. Then when your account reaches a certain reputation you would no longer be eligible for those small amounts. I think those small amounts would be best used by be put in a monitored pool and distributed in some way back into the community. To me, in my humble opinion this might work. But I'm also very new here, so I also realize there may be a hundred problems with this. Anyway, since I've heard about this I also realize it's a problem and im just trying to offer a possible solution. I hope, given the people you know and your positioning that you can help. This one, truthfully is probably over my head as far as whether or not I should be offering advice. So I apologize in advance if I have taken up your time that could have been otherwise better utilized. But as always I send you and all of yours all of my love. And continue to ask our creator for blessings for all of yours.

I'm slightly confused on what you're saying/asking. What I have been doing here lately, his going through my followers and people I see in the introduce yourself feed who have payouts sitting at a penny or two, and I upload them so that they can get paid. I don't know where the dust vote money goes to, but it sure isn't to the people creating content. Are you asking me to do more of this? Or maybe to delegate SP? Or are you asking me to raise awareness? Or to somehow become a member of @newbieresteemday? Because, the simple answer to any of those questions is YES. I have told several people, if there's anything that I can do to help to please let me know. So just ask, and I will let you know what I can do. I don't always have a lot of time. Being a single dad, having two jobs, doing college, the games that I do here, Plus everything I do here I have to do on my phone. ☺ But, like I said, just ask for anything and I will do anything I can. You guys are doing so much for the community that is so great and Grand, that it would be selfish of me to not even attempt to try to help in any way that I can. I hope everybody there has a wonderful day. And as always I send everyone all of my love.

BTW, the curation reward minimum is 0.001 SP and I think it is 8%, so, if you upvote with $0.01, you will not get the curation reward - please correct me if I am wrong on that ...
But, if I am right, I'll at a minimum upvote with $0.02.

I will discuss with you how you can help, I love your attitude @johndoer123.... I am discussing several ideas with people and we can attack this in various ways... I like the way people rally to aid others, it is awesome!

Question real quick. Is it better to upvote yourself if somebody gives you a vote worth $0.02, so that you get the money instead of somebody else who didn't do anything for it, or is it better to not up vote yourself and allow somebody else the money? I am curious about the community's view on this point.

@johndoer123 - I do not represent anyone but myself. I just want to chime in and explain what we, at @newbieresteemday do - to help newbies who do not fully understand the rules. Many steemians who have been here a long time still don't understand the issues related to upvotes.
Having said that, I have also advised newbies to not upvote because their low SP. As said elsewhere, 120 SP fives about $0.03. My estimate is a tad higher but if also depends on the market price of STEEM / SBD.
I am not asking anyone to do anything, but to explain what we do - to help newbies to not let dust votes go to dust and upvote them to over the threshold if we have the SP left.
You are welcome to join and we all have real world lives and struggles and if you joined, you will know that you are not alone.
Quite a few of us are struggling to make time to do things here.
All the best!

@freedomshift You say do not vote because we have a low SP? Can you explain or where can I read information on the subject?

There have been many posts on this, but, I have one link on my most recent posts and will have the same and more useful links on future posts.

this is the post ...

I am happy to help, but, please ask me on my posts.

As far as self-voting or using bots, it is all up to you. I don't unless to gain visibility in a crowd of comments. But, I don't think anyone will criticize anyone to bring a $0.02 vote to $0.03 to not let it go to dust.

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