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I learned about steemworld from you a couple of weeks ago and have been impressed by what I learned about my steemit from it and I was only tapping part of its power. I am still puzzled in general about some things such as promoting posts. I see your screenshot of what you did in the transfers section but I don't quite grasp how that works.

It's always nice to have a challenge -- something new to learn. Thanks. I love your steemit posts.


Thank you @joannereid for your comment and I'm glad that my posts are useful for you. You may want to read my posts about bots because that's how I promote my posts on Steemit and it's what you see in the transfer section.

Thank you. I should have done a little research. I'm going to do that now, read your bot posts. It's been nearly a month that I have been here and it's time I got more organized in finding answers. I learned so much this month, imagine what I will know in another month? Or by next fall?