Carnage in Crypto / STEEM AND SBD SAFE HAVEN

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With all this carnage in the market , I was pretty surprised to open up my lap top and see sbd up strong over last few hours to 3 bucks and steem holding up quite well to .. Seems to me that people are using steem as a safe haven . I moved quite a bit over to steem this week . What you guys think ? Is that why steem isn't down up to 80 percent like many others are ..

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The crypto-carnage is unreal - it even seems too much now. People are piling in trying to get out with some $ intact.

The media meanwhile still spin the FUD. It's fear, fear, fear. Is all I hear.

When that all you hear folks, its time to buy!

Steem is a stronger coin than bit coin and many others, my opinion of course


I agree on steem ! The future here is sound even if crypto has a tough time .

You do not need to worry over the consistent drop in price of BTC, I have a software that generates over 12.8BTC weekly, DM me for me details, [email protected]

Don't worry that the market will return to good.

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Upvoted! Good post. My theory is Steem is locked up on the this platform and it takes 3 months to power down. So there are more barriers to sell! Also, who would sell Steem? This thing will take off like a rocket.


Yea huge upside on this platform ,

Now maybe steem market is running bad but I think some steem market will return to the previous position

Well i agree with others but lets see what happens