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Yesterday I was feeling a bit disappointed to see Steem fall to right around $0.37. I still remember the initial drop from $0.88 or so. At the time it seemed like we were on Easy Street and headed up.

Then the floor fell out.


We've been slowly climbing but every time we start to rise back up it seems like we take another step backwards.

Today we are trading at $0.41 on Binance.

Our position on Coinmarketcap is 44th place.

We could certainly stand to be a lot higher. I think our coin definitely belongs in the top 20 if not the top 10.

However, I'm certainly glad to be in the top 50 again. Falling out of the top 50 was just terrible.

There are a heck of a lot of good things happening in our world.

Drug Wars

Steem Monsters

Not to mention the new @steemfiction group which publishes books on Amazon every quarter.

Like many of you, I still remember when we climbed up to $8.

At the time it seemed like there was no ceiling for cryptocurrency. I told people we were very likely to hit $20 or even $50 eventually. I was thinking about houses, and then I was thinking about mansions, and then I was thinking about islands.

Well.... that didn't happen.

I truly believe that Bitcoin will break $20,000 again within about a year.

This time the ceiling is going to be a lot higher and I believe the price of Steem really will be closer to $20.

Of course, once the train really gets going and the masses are involved.... who knows where it will stop.... if it stops at all.

I believe in Steem. It's good to see us rising up again. I know that one day we're going to break up and just keep going.

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Things seem to be improving :-)

Everyone needs something to hope and dream on..... right?

It might was well be Steem. :)

def think it needs to be higher than 44

Let's hope, that would be great! Steemit helped me earn enough to keep making art full time as Facebook and Instagram eroded how many followers see my posts. If it goes back up and attracts lots of new people to the platform that would be amazing!


Steem is definitely one of the most exciting projects in the cryptocurrency universe.

Although no one can tell the future for sure, I think it is has more potential to rise than pretty much any other coin.

Let’s hope so my friend...

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we still continue on hoping but for sure when the steemit become more popular maybe the value will get higher.

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I really hope steem hit 10$ but hope i will not be dreaming big