It’s been about a week since I visited you all here on Steemit.

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Life picks up in the spring and I have the tendency to give my attention to too many endeavors. My energy becomes dispersed so thinly between a high number of dreams and opportunities that I lose my power to move forward on any one. And it turns out that this is the time of year to prune for me. Sort of like that time in spring when too many of your seedlings have come up and that terrible task of thinning has to occur. For some years, I couldn’t bear to thin my seedlings and allowed my plants to grow on top of each other. But after finally trying it, I know what the potential can be. Your harvests are larger. Energy is concentrated.

So I’m sitting here trying to organize my desk. I have 6 drawers and am once again trying to organize my life in some way that I can actually accomplish a few things this year. That I can push forward in some direction. Drawer One is easy, supplies… pens, pencils, paper, clips, a couple other random things that occasionally fall into this drawer.

Drawer Two things start to get a bit hazier. This year I’m trying something new. I’m borrowing from Permaculture and its ideas of zones. Zone 0 – Self, Drawer Two, Things involving self-care, spirituality, I don’t know, the other kind of me stuff that feels right to be in that drawer.

Drawer Three then is Zone 1 – Home, House, Dwelling or Settlement, This is my goals for the property, ideas for the yard, garden, medicines (herbs), relationships here.

Drawer Four, Zone 2 – It starts getting hard here. Maybe a sort of “goals-to-get-better-at” section. Things like blacksmithing, music, writing, these dreams I have of growth I will have in the future that will lead me to far off visions of who I will be. This drawer will be full… It really needs more space than just that drawer. Writing can fill a suitcase on its own but then there’s woodworking and metalworking and pottery and all types of other endeavors. Playing bass for instance. This may have to be the area that needs pruning. I should pick 2 only, writing and craft, maybe this year that will be metal.

The 5th Drawer it seems would be Zone 3 – Work outside the home, Outside Relationships, Classes, Friends. This would be ReSource Yard related things, or that crypto company I’m starting with a group of friends, or that Spanish Class. That’s my close community. Places and people I visit and see often. I don’t want to let this get to bloated either. I have a lot going on out there in that zone.

The Bottom Drawer is left and Zone 4 stands for the larger community, maybe even humanity, how am I a part of these, what information connects me to these points? Shit… My organization of this little chest of drawers is getting rather deep isn’t it!? My community Service stuff goes in there. Steemit does too. Not that you’re bottom drawer metaphorically but Zones wise that seems like the outside world, humanity, idea that Zone 4 fits in right? Or would I fit this into the “close friends” category.

Well I oughta get working on these drawers and not just thinking about them.
See you more frequently this week! I promise.

It’s so easy to fall into chaos and a lot harder to clean it back up.
-Jay Jay

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Aiming to bring out your inner minimalist yet? :)


Haha! I wish! I work on finding a balance between minimalist and hoarder... Ah! When I'm on the road I can live with just about nothing and when I find myself in one place too long I look around and find I've collected too many things... then I realize I've gotta purge and head back out on the road!


Ah....'The Purge' --- now....if only the film was about tackling clutter...I'd watch it! :)