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RE: I Am Telling You For A Fact, "There Will Never Be Another 'Steemit'". Any Doubts? Read This Post!

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It was really an honor to finally meet you Terry, @surpassinggoogle where nations are looking up to you. I never expected (even a single beat of my heart) that you will come and meet us. All I need was just a video of yours to inspire the community that we have here but we saw a big Terry.

I learned a lot of things from you. You're one of the people that inspired me to do things for the communitt. Those selfless acts you've made are truly remarkable and I'm doing my best to replicate them.

Continue to be amazing and inspiration @surpassinggoogle. Sorry I got drunk so fast haha. I havent eaten anything and was really tired because of the event.

Till next time, Terry.



Thank you alot bro. Plus, tipsy us different from drunk. Don't worry, you were just tipsy.

Plus, what happens in Cebu, stays in Cebu.

Hahahahahaha. Absolutely. :)