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RE: Steemit Plagiarism - Flag Post or Report to SteemCleaners?

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howdy @boldgrgunok..say I have heard of this but haven't seen it happen in real life until now, this sucks! It's amazing that none of your comments on the guys comments where you explained that he stole it from you got any responses.
How did you find out about this?
I hope SteemCleaners responds.


How's it going @janton? I found it by sheer chance! Just opened up Steemit and noticed a badly reworded title of something I wrote a couple of weeks ago.
I've reported it to the relevant authorities, so here's hoping something's done about it. The crazy thing is, he got more upvotes and rewards than anything I've ever posted.

yes sir I noticed his large earnings off of you and your work!

it's dang slow building a presence here and getting attraction unless you can devote full time to it and most people can't...even thing it takes about a year until you start earning unless you have outside funds to invest and build your SP quickly.
that was a great article bytheway, that the guy stole.

Well thanks for the kind words. Oh, btw, I just used a bitbot for the first time. As you can see, the clicks don't amount to much.
I just got paid 10 SBD for reporting that plagiarist... How would you feel about me buying a bidbot for one of your posts? Maybe I'm just in a charitable mood, but it'd be interesting to see how your content woulde fare if it got some eyes on it...
What do you think?
(Oh, and the guy just changed the content of his post. So now all those upvotes are for a post that doesn't exist)

howdy there @boldgrgunok! sorry it took so long to reply. The reason for that is because I'm doing a contest every week and wanted to check with the guy who runs it to see if having a bidbot would affect my qualifications in the contest. He finally got back to me and said that they wouldn't and would be an interesting experiment so yes sir go ahead and greatly appreciate it!

ha! that plagiarist is trying to cover his tracks and destroy the evidence!

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