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Sometimes it is hard for us to accept the changes and more when they are drastic in such a way that we have to start from scratch. The human being has a lot of desire for control, but as rational beings that we are, we must learn that security does not exist, except in the case of death. No matter how hard we try to control our world, there will be certain situations or circumstances that will happen without us waiting for it and without having any power for the idea, real and true, to modify them.

Therefore, stop trying to control, you can not and will create much discomfort. Internalize things can end and that will be fine because it is normal, is part of life. Because life is change.

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In this life nothing is forever. Changes are inevitable.
In search of security, for fear of loss, we can cling to situations or people, but this is an attempt that in the long run is always unsuccessful.

And since not everything is under our control, I think it is fundamental to know how to accept and adapt to these changes that life presents us with.

We fear changes because by nature we all fear the unknown, we always want to continue doing traditional work, the fear of failure is often what you do not let us make changes, we stay in our comfort zone and we avoid the dare, risk ...

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What to do in this situation?

Analyzing a little that commonly asked question, we can conclude that it is wrong, because the real question we have to ask is, Who do we have to BE to face this situation?

Focusing on us from the BEING and not from the DO is that we can face in an EASY way all the changes that come our way in life. For this reason, with a good ATTITUDE, feeling in WELL-BEING and focused from our BEING is that we can manage to face all situations of change no matter how drastic these may be, remember that we attract by VIBRATION and if these changes come to our lives, these are because our VIBRATION changed, nothing is static, everything is dynamic and you just have to let it flow, let yourself be carried away by the current, we come to experience what we already know in theory.


In conclusion, do not be afraid of changes sometimes starting from scratch gives a new chance to BE better, to write a new story, to choose a new path, to experience new things, do not worry, let's flow, just do not forget WHO WE ARE when we go through what we ARE NOT, to start living in Happiness, Abundance and Prosperity because the one who feels good is doing well!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my publication, I hope it is of your liking and usefulness. Until next time!



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