I would like to see a Collections feature on Steemit, like the one G+ has

in steemit •  9 months ago

Steemit is pretty lit. Posting is seamless and you don't get automatically marked as spam for including links (cough G+)... but then again, G+ has collections, a very attractive way to organize posts. I think Steemit needs this ASAP!

I have a personalized domain. It leads straight to my Steemit blog and users are met with a very unorganized feed of random posts. Although G+ does this too, at the very least, you could click the specific collection and find all related posts organized by date. It's a very fun layout and really hope Steemit rolls out blog styles, including the kind on G+.

If Steemit added a collections feature, it would make visiting users' blogs a lot more fun and easy to find what they like. The search function here doesn't seem to show everything, obviously due to the voting and promotion system. Even if a specific user + key term is used in a search, it's not guaranteed to appear in the results (I've been met with blanks). The only solution at the moment would be to go onto that user's feed and dig through a long timeline of posts until you find what you want.

Here's my old G+ profile. There's things I hate, Nostalgia posts, a Conspiracy Theory section, and some Bitcoin opinions:

Don't let us down Steemit. Get a collections features going and also the ability to pin posts!

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