I Bought a New Laptop Thanks to Steemit and Dtube?!

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Soooooooo i've bought a new laptop which means I can finally start creating far better content for you guys on Steemit and Dtube. I realized I was starting to make some profits from the content I had been post and decided that now was the time to jump head first into Steemit. I'm excited to see what's going to happen with Steemit and Dtube over the coming year, I know its going to keep growing in popularity and I'm glad to have started creating content on this platform. I'm currently in Cambodia in the search for decent WIFI which is always a constant battle when trying to download loads of files from the cloud. Once ive finally downloaded Photoshop, Premier Pro and Light Room the content will start flowing.

A big thanks has to go to @thelifeofjord for introducing me to this platform ! Be sure to go give him a follow.


Thanks for up voting and commenting on my posts I've got so much more to come.

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hope you will be able to fund yourself in the future

great news! already excited about the posts and videos you are gonna publish on your new laptop :)