I Made this kind of Steemit Art for my Mother

in steemit •  last year  (edited)

My mother will be introducing herself soon. I am so excited that she will be part of steemit together with my sister @fernwehninja, @anjiyoung and my cousin @cshera :)) Yayy this gonna be a Steemit Family

She will share more about food and cooking recipe. You can catch her with the username: @mamavern.


Yes! We are promoting steemit to our family members! ^_^

What do you think about my creativity? I am offering my talent in exchange to 1.5-4 SBD by doing artworks and lettering. I wish it can help you. I will be posting samples soon.

Thank you for reading ;)

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Woah, it's nice to know that you're mom is finally here. =)
Wish her all the best and luck. ;)

I love it

Hello, you can offer your service here

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