We operate as a pool up voting posts from one another! There is no fees to join!

I just joined. I see there is a Re-Steems section and on the settings a Resteem Threshold to Select the minimum Shadow Rank required for Resteeming posts! but is there a way to turn off Resteeming I do not mind the bot voting for me but I do not want to have anything auto resteemed I only want to resteem things I choose?

Re-Steeming is Off by default for all new members. You have to enable it and set the Threshold for it to begin automatically Re-Steeming posts on your account.

oh ok awesome I will leave it off for now thanks for the info

Yes it is an optional feature we have, we will be expanding as explained above this functionality to automatically re-steem specifically selected people on a list you create in our next release! Glad to have you on board, let us know any questions/comments/ideas you have!