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According to live chart of steem coin the coin steem already bottomed , It has a great support right now all panic sellers who were believing that Meos will be The killer of steem on 1st june are exit now , There are no much sellers but people who are interested in buying steem power should now put their investment back in steem. People who already exit from steem will now come back again to make their steem power value double for example if a person sold steem at 10k Satoshi and now price is 5k satoshi , The person who sold 10k satoshi now will enter into market to buy steem power and take a chance . If you look at steem chart 4400 satoshi is the most low level of steemit and till now from 2 year steem is online .There is a fact that steemit will launch its own SMT smart media token with in 2 or 3 month . The delay in smart media token is killing the steem price .
Some big whales predicted that smart media token will release take the price of steem to 10$ but if you look at top coin Eos is still at 6$ which is very low.
I believe that steem team and developers are very slow in development and lack of concern and lack of marketing. They should direct talk to steem holders and investors and make them confident about the upcoming release

Lack of marketing

Team of steem has a communication gap between authors between investors which is very dangerous Mostly Steem team only contact with steemblog and does not have any social account like skype or facebook to give live answer to peoples questions . Even the investors of steemit take no interest to make communication between community i am running a big group of steemit but there are almost 20k people very lazy and does not communicate do not reply to others content.

How to make steem great again

Steem team should be social and friendly to its community and give answer to people questions in timely manners we saw that recently steemit has hire a personal marketing assistance . She should move in other countries to introduce people of all country about steemit , people of world are very rich even 1 rich person can make steem great again . try to sign a contract with big companies that they should pay salaries and payment method as a steem for doing this offer them a bonus on shopping with steemit.
Steemit should launch its own online shopping store
Steemit should contract with all big software companies
steemit should have marketing branches in other countries instead of marketing only in usa
Steemit should have office in korea because korean community love to invest .


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