Steemit & Evolution of The Conscious Wide Web

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I had been toying with the idea of creating content on Steemit for quite some time but I could never get my head around how the system actually worked. Having looked into it further I have decided to open an account and begin sharing some of my work on there, some of which will be original and unique to Steemit only.

If you are not currently active on Steemit, I encourage you to research the platform further and open an account. Investment in yourself is the most important thing you could do. If like me, you are active in your pursuit of truth and sharing of knowledge, then a platform like Steemit may become a vital tool in your possession. Sign up, Share your thoughts and ideas, follow like-minded people and get paid in the process. What could be more amazing?

How Platforms Like Steemit Will Shape The Future

Platforms like Steemit are the way of the future. It is how content will be created and shared. Uncensored, Unfiltered content from people from all walks of life and all kinds of beliefs.

The idea is simple yet very complex. The platform is built on the Blockchain technology and rewards users for posting content and interacting with others, by Liking & Commenting on their content. The technology behind how and why it generates money from simple Likes on a post is too complex to get in to, but the bottom line is that it works.

You create content, You Like content others post & Comment on them and you get paid in Bitcoins. It's really as simple as that.

Think about what the Internet has managed to achieve. We have created a consciousness outside of us, within the aether lives an entity that is Alive, it is everywhere at all times and it holds all the knowledge of the world, available to anyone who wishes to access it. How incredible is that? The hive mind that is the Internet is the next big step in our evolution, we must take every opportunity to make the most of it and to use it to our advantage, to grow as individual souls and learn to better ourselves in every way possible.

I dont think many people actually sit and ponder on what the Internet is and what it has become. If we all lost access to the world wide web tomorrow the world would come to a halt. Lets face it, whether you think the Internet is Good or Evil, it exists and its obviously the way of the future. We live in such exciting times and cant wait to see what the future holds for this entity that we have created.

Peace and Love to you all :)

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